NBA 2K21 Next Gen mode The City features a tribute to Kobe Bryant

This year has been one to forget.

With NBA 2K21 coming to Next Gen, the game has gone to lengths to commemorate the great Kobe Bryant who we lost at the start of 2020.

The basketball great, whose famed Lakers jersey can be found across the States, has a special place in the new game.

Successfully winning FIVE NBA championships, Kobe will certainly go down as one of the best to ever play the game.

Let’s take a look at what NBA 2K21 has done to help us remember this sporting legend.

A memorial to Kobe

The next-gen features a mode called ‘The City’, which will be free to roam for players.

NBA 2K21 dunk
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PLAY TOGETHER: Show your opponents your skills on a number of courts

Filled with various courts for players of the game to practice on, one of these courts celebrates the late Kobe Bryant.

Known as the Kobe Court, the developers have styled the court to remember Kobe and all he stood for.

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Adorned with the snakeskin design that became synonymous with the player, his numbers 8 and 24 mark the restricted areas at each end.

The mural

Overlooking the court is a huge mural of one of the most memorable Kobe moments.

NBA 2K21 Kobe Mural
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A GREAT: This mural remembers the basketball GOAT

The mural depicts Kobe stood atop the scorer’s table, arms stretched wide as he bathes in the moment.

With 5 NBA Championships to his name, Kobe joined a prestigious group of players who have won a similar number of rings.

The mural was put in place to remind players just how skilled he was.

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We reckon fans of Kobe, and indeed the Lakers, will often be found here we’re sure, passing the time playing in front of one of basketball’s most memorable moments.

The City

The Neighbourhood has grown up in the latest game, as MyPLAYERs get the chance to roam free.

NBA 2K21 the city 1
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THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS: The City is basically The Neighborhoods big brother

Starting in Rookieville, you earn your right to pass through the gates and start to prove yourself on the courts.

Filled with quests, affiliations (yes, you read the right, they’re back!) and more, you won’t be bored in this city.

If you missed it, you can check out the trailer here:

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