NBA 2K20: What to expect when the demo drops

With a new NBA season on the horizon, and all this summer’s offseason craziness ready to turn things up a notch, it’s time to get down to the real thing that fans of NBA want. No, not Fantasy NBA leagues. It’s NBA 2K - the top selling NBA video game on the market

With the official release of NBA 2K20 slated for September 6th, 2019, many players are hoping to get a leg up on the competition by playing through the NBA 2K20 demo, set for an August 21st, 2019 release. This release will allow those that own a Xbox One, Playstation 4, or a Nintendo Switch, to get a massive jumpstart with the allowance of carry-over between different game modes.

In addition, the demo will allow players to test and theory craft specific stat builds and configuration paths to gain the peak performance out of their MyPlayer hours.

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So, what does the demo bring to the table? Quite a few things besides just an introduction to MyPlayer and MyCareer. Let’s dive into what players are able to test before the full release of NBA 2K20 arrives.

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One account for many tests

Unlike previous demos and pre-release events, NBA 2K20 will only be allowing you to access the MyCareer game mode, as well as granting access to the MyPlayer creation, which has seen a revamp in many aspects from previous generations of the game. 

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Unlike previous titles, however, 2K20 will allow you to test multiple branches of MyPlayer configurations without having to create multiple test accounts. This means a bit less hassle, and a small quality of life change to those that are searching for the peak of base power for your future rising star.

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Don’t lose your progress

Not only will you have access to creating and tweaking your character prior to the full release, you will not lose any progress from the demo. If you decide to purchase the full game, then upon release, you will have the option of importing your MyPlayer build and character over to the official NBA 2K20 version to use there as well. This allows those that have spent countless hours grinding and researching the optimal builds and training paths to feel rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the series.

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Free to all

Best of all, the demo will be free to anyone that wishes to download the game. On Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch, the demo will be released for download at 8:00 AM PT on August 21, 2019.

This applies to anyone wishing to download the demo, whether or not they plan to purchase the full game upon release. This serves to persuade those that may not have had an interest in the NBA series to test out and mess with some of the characters and players available in the 2K20 edition without having to wait for YouTube videos or purchasing the game outright upon release.

These are just a few reasons as to why you should check out the NBA 2K20 demo that will be released come August 21st, 2019. Not only will you get a small glimpse into the world of NBA 2K20, but you will get a leg up on the competition, granting you that possible jump needed to get ahead of the competition. So get ready, and game on!

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