NBA 2K20: New release “has the best AI in any sports game” says Gameplay Director

Mike Wang believes 2K lead the way with the best Artificial Intelligence in gaming history.

On August 5, information was released via NBA 2K twitter regarding the latest changes that will be made in time for NBA 2K20.

A 14 minute blog highlighted improvements that the developers have made for Artificial Intelligence.

2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang boldly stated,

“Our team prides itself on having the best AI in any sports game, and NBA 2K20 continues to push the envelope in that area.”

But what exactly has given him that idea?

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The next step in AI

Offensively, the computer has never been very good at making their own shot. The only way they would normally score is from screens, smart plays or passing out of isolations.

Now, 2K Devs have added a new ‘Dynamic freelance engine’ where teammates will create intelligent off-ball play with no need to even call a play.

This new system, alongside the continuing evolution of ACE, makes running a structured offense much simpler for the average gamer.

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Defensively, the AI will get better than it already is, sorry cheese dribblers this will affect you the most.

Transition defense has been re-written and introduces some new options, including “Protect the Perimeter” and “Wall up” (the transition positioning used against elite downhill players).

Real life defensive set-ups

New team-specific and player-specific adjustments in ACE, including:

– Utah’s on ball adjustments to Harden in the playoffs

– Toronto’s top lock deny scheme against Curry

– Player-specific Takeover awareness

– Legendary team and player adjustment adds and improvements

You can now customize your shot meter to have a green flash, splash, or splat effect. I know how much you guys love customization.

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In past 2K’s, the AI has always used Real Player% when it came down to determining makes and misses. This could often lead to robotic, predictable outcomes.

This year, the same shot timing mechanics for the AI that players use. The result is a much more human-like opponent and a more even playing field.

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