NBA 2K20 MyTEAM: Top five LA Lakers players to buy - Davis, Mikan, Bryant & more

The Lakers are back!After struggling for the last few seasons, the Lakers made a real statement of intent by bringing in New Orleans wantaway Anthony Davis to LA to form a power duo with LeBron James.

That being said, you don’t win 16 NBA titles by chance, the LA Lakers have had some crazy talent in their ranks over the years, with plenty of those faces on show in MyTEAM this year.

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Here is the top five LA Lakers who are currently available to purchase on MyTEAM.

Anthony Davis (OVR 95)

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Card type: PremiumPosition: C / PFBest stats: 98 shot IQ, 98 offensive consistency, 98 handsCost: 93k

We spoke about Anthony Davis’ impact in LA being key to their success and boy has he started well.AD is averaging 26 points, 9.1 rebounds and 3.2 assists through the first 21 games of the season, collecting this 95 rated card as part of the Moments of the Week squad in week 6. His rebounding (96 offensive and 95 defensive) and dunking (95 standing and 90 driving) are two of the main keys to his game. His 90 rated defending will help you get those crucial stops. At 93k he doesn’t come cheap, but if you have the cash, he’s definitely worth it.

‘56 George Mikan (OVR 95)

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Card type: Legacy Position: C / PF Best stats: 98 hands, 97 shot close, 95 defensive reboundCost: 47k

From a current NBA star in Anthony Davis to one of the oldest greats in George Mikan.

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In fact, Mikan never played for the Lakers in LA but instead in Minneapolis, where the Lakers were initially based. He was part of the first five championship winning sides and was named the NBL’s Most Valuable Player in 1948. His number 99 jersey has since been honored by the Los Angeles franchise.

His playing style wasn’t too dissimilar to AD, with his dominance in the paint in terms of scoring (93 inside scoring) and rebounding (94 OVR) his main strengths. He is significantly cheaper than AD though, costing 47k.

‘03 Kobe Bryant (OVR 94)

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Card type: Prime VIPPosition: SG / SFBest stats: 95 vertical, 95 overall durability, 95 driving dunkCost: 140k

Arguably the greatest player to ever don the purple and gold, ‘The Black Mamba’ simply had to be included in this list.

There wasn’t much that Kobe didn’t do during his 20-year career in Los Angeles. With 18 All-Star appearances, five NBA titles, 2 Finals MVPs and one season MVP to his name, it is safe to say his career was rather successful.

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Kobe could cook from wherever on the court he pleased (84 close, 94 mid and 89 3pt shot) but could also help with stops on the defensive end, particularly on the perimeter (92 rated perimeter defense) where his quick reactions helped him to pick up a number of big steals (90 rated).At 140k, Kobe is the most expensive Laker available currently.

‘06 Nick Van Exel (OVR 92)

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Card type: Prime VIPPosition: PG / SGBest stats: 98 shot IQ, 96 acceleration, 96 speed with ballCost: 13k

We stick with the guards now and its the lightening quick shooting guard Nick Van Exel.

The Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach played for a whole range of teams during his NBA career, but made the greatest impact during his time in LA with the Lakers, making his one and only All-Star appearance during his time there in 1998.

Nick the Quick was famed for his athleticism (94 OVR) and in particular his ability to bring the ball up the court quickly (96 speed with ball). At just 13k, Van Exel is the perfect man to bring off the bench when your opponents five are tiring.

‘87 A.C. Green (OVR 91)

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Card type: LegacyPosition: PF / SFBest stats: 99 overall durability, 95 hustle, 95 stamina

Cost: 15k

The final name to make the list for the top five LA Lakers’ on MyTEAM currently is Iron Man himself, A.C. Green.

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