NBA 2K20: LA Clippers ratings predictions

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All eyes were on the other LA team this summer, after the Laker's superstar acquisitions of Anthony Davis along with other notable free-agent signings. The Clippers shocked the NBA world, not only did they sign reigning NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, a shocking trade for another NBA star in Paul George left every NBA fan speechless, wondering how they managed to accomplish this. 

Fielding perhaps the best two-way combination of NBA player's ever in both Leonard and George who both have reputations as world-class offensive and defensive player's, the Clippers are going into next season as one of the favorites and should have one of the best 2K20 team ratings in the game. 

With the superstar tandem of George and Leonard already adding to a lineup that made the playoffs and caused the Golden State Warriors some trouble this year may be the year of LA. With the duo's ratings already revealed by 2K Games, how do the rest of the Clippers lineup stack up? 

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 *CONFIRMED* Kawhi Leonard - 97

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Position: SF

Age: 28

Kawhi has established himself as a consistent force to be reckoned with each night on the court, his ability to finish in the paint, make jumpers open or contested has risen him to become an NBA sensation. Oh, and did we mention he has 11.5-inch hands? All of this combined has made him one of the highest defensive rated players each year. Kawhi is the reigning NBA Finals MVP, with such a prestigious award in his back pocket and a marvelous postseason he will for sure have another dominating season and be the focal point of the Clippers offense. 

*CONFIRMED* Paul George - 93

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Position: SG/SF

Age: 29

George has been a considerable force throughout the NBA since his breakout year in Indiana, the two-way superstar is praised highly for his shut down defensive play as well as his ability to take over games with the snap of a finger. George was an MVP finalist this past season, a shoulder injury hindered his performance towards the end of the season and into the playoffs, so we never truly got to see how far the Thunder could have gone. Should George get back to his MVP caliber play yet again we could see an increase in his base 93 rating and see himself rise to become one of the best players in NBA 2K20.

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Lou Williams - 86

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Position: PG/SG

Age: 32

Throughout his long career, Lou Williams has established himself as perhaps the best sixth man of all time. A three-time winner of this award with his most recent coming this season past, Williams is the dream spark plug off of the bench. He has a natural gift for scoring and can seemingly break out for 20 any night. An 86 rating going into 2K20 is a fair value for Lou who will most certainly be the highest-rated player coming off of the bench for any team. 

Montrezl Harrell - 85

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Position: PF/C

Age: 25

Montrezl Harrell was also a finalist for the sixth man of the year award, but at the young age of 25 many NBA fans have already forgotten about him. An impressive year saw him climb the ranks of many peoples radars and he slowly crept his way up to a solid stat line at the end of the season. A highly praised defender and an above-average pick and roll player are what Harrell is best known for. An 85 rating for 2K20 is the rating Harrell finally deserves after years of being doubted.

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Patrick Beverley  - 80

Position: PG

Age: 31

Beverley has seen his value rise to all-time highs over the last few NBA seasons, the veteran point guard is yet another renown world-class defender to this already brick wall like roster. Beverley has the ability to shut down nearly any NBA point guard and can virtually guard multiple positions due to his wide wingspan and quick feet. An 80 overall is also attributed to his increase in his scoring output over the last NBA season and we should only see this value increase over the course of the season. 

The Bench

Although the Clippers added two world-class NBA superstars let us not forgot this is the roster that managed to make the playoffs when everyone thought they were tanking. LA returns most of its solid bench that helped propel this team to new heights last season, JaMychal Green (78) is a solid scorer and defender who was brought back on a cheap contract. 

Rookie sensation Laundry Shamet (79) will be looking to skip the infamous sophomore slump this season and rising NBA center Ivica Zubac (80) has proven he can deck it out with most NBA centers. 

Rounding off the bench is multiple veterans of the league such as Maurice Harkless (74), Rodney McGruder (73) and Luc Mbah a Moute (75) who all bring their own value off of the Clippers bench. Along with solid defending from top to bottom, the Clippers also have some nice shooting options from the names mentioned above which all further add to this teams depth down the stretch. 

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Starting Lineup

The Clippers are going into the 2019-2020 NBA season with high expectations, essentially gambling on their future with the Paul George trade it is now or never for LA. With the components to become one of the best defensive teams of all times and some dominate scorers that can take over games instantly, the Clippers should be one a fan favorite team to use in 2K20.

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