NBA 2K20: Top 5 Three point shooters, Big men and Rookies

With the new wave of rooks, trades and retirements, how will these lists look for NBA 2K20?

by Louis Hutchinson

2K have just announced the latest list of players that will be in NBA 2K20. Here are the best shooters going into the 2019/20 season:

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The highest rated 3pt Shooters

1. Stephen Curry – 99 3pt rating 

He is considered greatest shooter of all time so there is no doubt 2K should give him a 99 3pt shot. We do not even need to explain, just watch his countless amount of highlight plays and im sure you’ll understand.

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2. Klay Thompson – 97 3pt rating 

The most reliable Catch and Shoot Guard in the league. Klay Thompson has proven time and time again exactly why he is the other splash brother. 97 3pt shot is exactly what he deserves, his chemistry with Steph Curry is second to none and no doubt he will be automatic in game.

3. Joe Harris – 94 3pt rating 

Harris led the league in 3pt FG%, the Nets Forward has improved under head coach Sean Marks and played with an All-Star Point Guard in D’Angelo Russell. Expect the same averages from this reliable shooter.

4. J. J. Redick – 90 3pt rating 

The veteran shooter sat at number eight for 3FGM per game. Redick is a reliable shooter, he possesses a unique set of skills that can work in any coaching system. His passing and shooting ability are second to none and he can let his teammates stat pad assists off of him thanks to his dead-eye shooting ability.

5. Buddy Hield – 90 3pt rating

After finishing 7th for 3FG% in the league, Buddy Hield has entered the elite group of shooters. His athletic ability and sharp ball handling makes him more versatile than ever. He will be one to watch this season.

The highest rated Big Men

1. Anthony Davis – 94 Overall

The brow remains the dominant big man in the 2K series and arguably real life. His scoring ability sticks out most as to why he is so good in the paint.

2. Joel Embiid – 91 Overall

Embiid has shown this season why he is arguably the most dominant Center in the league since Shaq also his off court antics make him entertaining too.

3. Nikola Jokic – 90 Overall

The Serbian International is the full package for a Center. He can pass, dribble shoot and defend which is why he recorded so many triple doubles last season. Expect the same next year.

4. Karl-Anthony Towns – 89 Overall

KAT has not had the luck of players that went his way to accommodate his ability. At one stage in his career he was dubbed to win a ring with a young and threatening Timberwolves side. Although that is no longer the case, he is still a highly regarded Center in the league.

5. Rudy Gobert – 88 Overall

The epitome of the phrase ‘Rim Protector’. Gobert boasts back to back Defensive Player of the Year awards and its justified by is intensity and tenacity to grab boards and swat the basketball out of opponent’s hands.


The highest rated rookies

Zion Williamson – 81 Overall – Forward

Ja Morant – 79 Overall  – Guard 

RJ Barrett – 78 Overall – Guard 

De’andre Hunter – 77 Overall – Forward

Darius Garland – 77 Overall – Guard

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Louis Hutchinson