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17 Feb 2020

NBA 2K20: How to get Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan - full card breakdown

NBA 2K20: How to get Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan - full card

The GOAT has been handed a HUGE card. You can dominate MyTEAM with it, but only if you are lucky.

The NBA All-Star weekend may be over, but the comradery hasn't stopped altogether - especially if you are a keen 2K20 player.

The All-Star Flash Packs have thrown out some ridiculous cards - including a Galaxy Opal version of the NBA veteran Vince Carter and a Pink Diamond LeBron James - but there's one card which stands out amongst the rest.

The man who many argue to be the greatest of all time - Michael Jordan - has received Galaxy Opal card and it's absolutely insane.

Card breakdown

Given that its only February, it still seems somewhat early for 2K to be dropping cards of this quality, but we’re not complaining.

There isn’t much this Michael Jordan card can’t do and with 99 OVR in both offense and defense, that shouldn’t come as much of a shock.


You can cook from pretty much anywhere on the court, with 94 rated three-point shot, 98 rated close shot but most importantly, a 99 rated mid-range and let’s be honest, MJ doesn’t miss from mid-range.

On the opposite end of the court, MJ’s 99 rated steal is going to come in handy when looking to hit the opposition on the counter, whilst 98 perimeter defense and 98 defensive consistency makes him a hard man to beat on the drive.

You’d expect Air Jordan to fly in terms of his athleticism - and you’d be correct. 97 OVR athleticism is made up of 98 speed, 98 acceleration and 98 stamina. In short, he’s quick.

How to get him

The All-Star Flash cards are currently available in packs, which will set you back 10,500 MT or 7,500 VC.

nba 2k20 all star flash pack splash

Take your pick! There are plenty of stars available in the All-Star Flash packs

As per usual with the 2K packs, buying in bulk will save you a bit of coin. You can use MyTeam points to pick up boxes of 10 for 67.5k or 20 for 135k.

The other alternative is to pick MJ up via the marketplace, although as you’d expect, there are few of him out there and he doesn’t come cheap.