NBA 2K20: Houston Rockets rating predictions

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James Harden has established himself as one of the most unstoppable pure scorers of all time, in the last few NBA seasons, Harden was putting up historic numbers every night. 


His average of 36 points per game last season is almost unheard of, with many touting him as one of the best MVP winners ever, and one that does not look like he will slow down anytime soon.

Now, we know that Houston has one of the most unstoppable players of all time but what would you say if we added another one to the mix? 

That's right, Russell Westbrook was recently traded to the Rockets for a questionable return for the former MVP.

Oklahoma City Thunder in the view of many fans and analysts did not receive the proper value that someone of Westbrook's talent warrants and many viewed the trade as a clear Rockets win. 

With two former MVPs not set to team up just like old times, how do the Houston Rockets NBA 2K20 ratings look? We dive into this below! 

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James Harden - 96 *CONFIRMED* 


Photo via 2K Games

Position: PG/SG

Age: 29

This one is pretty self-explanatory, Harden is a former MVP and his form this past NBA season should have won his second MVP award any other year but unfortunately, it did not hold up this year. Harden looks to continue his insane streak of points per game this upcoming season, with a rumored new move added to his arsenal the NBA should be prepared for what is about to come. 

Russell Westbrook - 90 *CONFIRMED*

Photo via 2K Games


Position: PG

Age: 30

Westbrook will be representing a new organization for the first time in his career this upcoming season, the former MVP has held up his impressive triple-double average throughout the last three seasons but there has still been criticism. Westbrook has shown he is not the most capable shooter in the league but his unique athleticism should be enough to scare any defense away. 

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Clint Capela - 87

Photo via 2K Games


Position: C

Age: 25

The big man has seen a steady rise in not only his game but his 2K rating over the last few seasons. Touted for his defense and his natural ability to play in and out of the pick and roll makes Capela one of the leagues best big men. He should see a steady increase to a high eighty in NBA 2K20 with only room to improve. 

Eric Gordon - 82

Photo via 2K Games

Position: SG


Age: 30

Gordon has gained a considerable reputation across the NBA as one of the best shooters in the game year to year. For Gordon, it does not matter if he is in the starting lineup as it seems he can put up 15-20 points per game no matter his minutes, as well due to his length is another solid option on the defensive side for the Rockets. 

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Kenneth Faried - 79

Position: PF/C

Age: 29

In Faried's first season with the Rockets, he more than proved he still has it. 13 points a game with almost 10 rebounds was Faried's stat line for the season but let us remember stats do not always tell defensive value and Faried more than proved this. 


The Bench

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The Rockets bolster one of the deepest benches in the entire NBA, with formidable options at nearly every position they are stacked depth-wise. Defensive monsters such as P.J. Tucker (78) and  Nene (75) have proved they are key players down the stretch of an NBA season and can cause problems in the paint for many. 

At the guard positions, they have Austin Rivers (80) who has proven he can be a respectable point guard in the league, as well they have Gerald Green (79) who is known for his freak like athleticism and defensive. 

The Rockets also feature some key shooters off of the bench, with the likes of Iman Shumpert (75) who can always provide some key buckets down the stretch. The Rockets starters are known for playing considerable minutes into games but if they ever need to go to their bench, they have multiple options to chose from. 

Starting Lineup 


The Rockets go into not only the 2019-2020 NBA season but 2K20 as one of the highest-rated and promising teams this upcoming season. 

With expectations at an all-time high for Rockets could this year finally be their year? 

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