NBA 2K20 MyTEAM: Top five Boston Celtics players to buy - White, Tatum & more

No team in the history of the NBA have been more successful than the Boston Celtics.

With 17 titles to their name, only their rivals the LA Lakers (16) come close, although with the Lakers having LeBron and AD in their ranks, things might soon be about to change.

Given their incredible success over the years, it shouldn’t come as a shock to see that they have a whole load of superstars available to purchase on MyTEAM.

From up and coming talents to club legends, here are the five best Boston Celtics players currently available in MyTEAM.

‘81 Jo Jo White (OVR 95)

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Card type: LegacyPosition: PG / SG

Best stats: 98 shot IQ, 98 offensive consistency, 95 passing visionCost: 33k

The highest overall Boston Celtics player currently available to purchase is the two-time NBA Champion, Jo Jo White.

The Celtics selected White with their seventh overall pick in the 1969 NBA draft, he went on to spend the next ten years in Boston, making quite the impression during that time. Two championships in 1974 and 1976, including a finals MVP award in the latter, led to the Cs retiring the number 10 in his honor upon his retirement.

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White has a well-rounded card, with his ability to create for his teammates his main threat, an incredible 94 overall in the playmaking department. His range of passing (93 accuracy, 95 vision and 95 IQ) means you will rack up plenty of assists with him in your side.

Jayson Tatum (OVR 92)

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Card type: Moments of the WeekPosition: SF / PFBest stats: 98 offensive consistency, 97 shot IQ, 95 staminaCost: 79k

Going from an all time Celtics great to a current Celtics star now, 21-year-old SF Jayson Tatum.

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Tatum received his 92-rated card as part of the second of the Moments of the Week team on 2K20 after scoring the game winner in a 104-102 win over the Knicks, finishing the game with 24 points, six rebounds and three assists.

At 79k, Tatum is the most expensive Celtics player on the market right now and given the C’s impressive start to the season, currently with a record of 15-5, don’t be surprised to see higher rated Tatum cards released as the year goes on.

‘78 John Havlicek (OVR 92)

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Card type: MultidimensionalPosition: SF / SGBest stats: 99 stamina, 98 overall durability, 98 pick & roll defense IQCost: 45k

Another high-rated small forward who made his name in Boston is the Cs legend and eight time NBA Champion, John Havlicek.

Havlicek spent his entire playing career with the Celtics and was an integral member of the Celtics dominant 1960s side, winning six of his eight titles in that decade. The 1974 finals MVP was a 13 time NBA All-Star and like White, had his number (17) retired at the end of his career.

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Three ball shooting (90 rated 3pt shot) and stealing the ball (90 rated steal) were two things commonly associated with Havlicek and it is no surprise to see both stats rated so highly on this card. At 45k he is the second most expensive Celtic on the game, but you sure do get some bang for your buck.

‘08 Paul Pierce (OVR 92)

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Card type: SpotlightPosition: SF / PFBest stats: 98 shot IQ, 95 offensive consistency, 94 hands

Cost: 11k

The last Celtics side to win a championship was the class of 2008, in no small part thanks to this man, Paul Pierce.

The finals MVP in that title winning campaign, Pierce was a firm fan-favorite during his 15-year stint in Boston. Although many feel that the Celtics underachieved during Pierce’s time in green, there was no questioning his individual quality.

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His ability from deep (92 three point shot) was second to none, whilst his ability at the other end of the court (81 OVR defending) wasn’t too shabby either. For just 11k, you really can’t go wrong with this card.

‘93 Kevin McHale (OVR 92)

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Card type: SpotlightPosition: PF / CBest stats: 98 stamina, 98 shot IQ, 95 shot contestCost: 7.5k

The final name in the top five is a bit of a hidden gem on 2K20 and that is power forward Kevin McHale.

Widely recognised as one of the best power forwards to ever play the great game, McHale was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 1999. McHale spent his full playing career at the Boston Garden, winning three championships and making seven All-Star appearances.

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Scoring and rebounding are the two main attributes for McHale, who finished his playing days with a 17.6 PPG and 7.3 RPG average. He costs a measly 7.5k on MyTEAM and with his attributes combined totalling 3214, that is an absolute bargain.

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