Next-Gen Patch for Marvel's Avengers releases today

The 1.5 update for Marvel's Avengers arrives today, March 18, alongside the next-gen upgrade!

Here's everything you need to know about the massive update and the future of Marvel's Avengers.

Latest - Square Enix Event

Marvel's Avengers came up big in the Square Enix Presents event, which previews upcoming titles from the studio.

Marvel Avengers 2021 Content Roadmap Square Enix Event Reveal
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WHAT'S NEXT?: The plans for Marvel's Avengers' future have been revealed

Perhaps the biggest reveal is a content roadmap for all future Marvel's Avengers releases to the end of 2021.

Next-Gen Upgrades

Below are the new features that will come as part of the next-gen version, whether you already own the game or plan to pick it up for the first time.

  • Free Upgrade
  • 4K/60 fps graphics
  • Save data transfer feature

Also, Crystal Dynamics had the following to say about the upgrades:

"The game utilizes the consoles’ built-in SSD for dramatically faster loading and streaming times and takes advantage of their graphics power and memory to deliver higher-resolution textures, farther draw distances for high-resolution models, improved heroics and armour destruction, and other enhancements that leverage the full might of these new consoles to make gamers truly feel like a Super Hero."

Release Time

Crystal Dynamics has not confirmed what time the next-gen patch will release for Marvel's Avengers, but we expect it to be around 1pm ET/6pm GMT, when new games and updates tend to launch on console.

We'll be sure to confirm here the moment the update and next-gen version are live.

Update 1.5 New Features

The new update, which is patch 1.5, will add the ability to replay the campaign missions for the first time.

On top of that, it will also introduce Hawkeye to the game, who many of you will know from the MCU movies.

There will also be new content tied into the addition of Hawkeye, which will feature the new wasteland biome.

Finally, it'll feature a load of bug fixes and changes to the XP system. From the 1.5 update onwards, it will be slightly slower to progress and improve your gear.

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