PES 2021 Mobile: Release Date, PES 2020 Carryover & more

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PES 2021 Mobile has been announced!

We thought Konami had something up its sleeve with the arrival of PES 2020 update 4.6.2 - and it does contain info about the big yearly update for the game.

PES 2021 Mobile Release Date

We don't have a specific release date for PES 2021 Mobile, but Konami has said it will arrive in Late October.

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ON ITS WAY - The PES 2021 Mobile update is less than two months away

This is around six weeks after the console and PC release of PES 2021.

Carryover Guide

Konami has pulled together this Carryover guide for those wishing to take their PES 2020 Mobile data onto PES 2021!

What happens to my myClub Coins?

All myClub Coins from PES 2020 will carry over to PES 2021.

What happens to my GP?

All GP from PES 2020 will carry over to PES 2021.

What happens to my Base Team?

If the Base Team you set in PES 2020 is available in PES 2021 when you first log in after updating the game, you will be able to use it as is.

You can change your Base Team and team name at any time by going to [Extras] → [User Information] → [User Profile] and selecting Base Team and Team Name.


When the PES 2021 Mobile update goes live, all Base Players and Featured Players you owned in PES 2020 will automatically be converted to Carryover Players.

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LAYING DOWN THE LAW - This is what will carryover from your squad to PES 2021

Any Carryover Players who you initially acquired during the update to PES 2020 will remain as Carryover Players after the update.

The appearance, position, skills, tactics and other player data of Carryover Players will be adjusted to be identical to that of their Base Player counterparts.

For more info head to Konami's post here, which includes managers and scouts

Konami FAQ

Konami put these FAQs on its website:

When will the teams, players, Trainers, Scouts and Managers that are included in PES 2020 but not in PES 2021 at launch be announced

Everything will be announced on the official website in early October.

Please note that any player, Scout or Manager that falls under this category will no longer be obtainable in PES 2020 from the date of the announcement.

Will my squads carry over after the update?

No. Player and Manager data will be updated when the update goes live, meaning that all squads will be reset.

Will unclaimed Inbox items still be claimable once the update goes live?


Will unused Silver Ball+, Gold Ball+ or Black Ball Agents carry over to the new game?

Yes, but you will have a limited time to use them.

Will remaining contracted matches for players and Managers be carried over?

No, they won't. During the update, Contracted Matches Remaining will be set to 10 for players and 25 for Managers.

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NEW LOOK - Expect kits and players to be updated for PES 2021 Mobile!

Are any changes coming to the game controls?

No. Game controls will function exactly as they did in PES 2020.

Will my online match rating be carried over?

No. All ratings for online matches will be reset when PES 2021 goes live.

Will my match records carry over?


Will my Balance History and Match History carry over?

No. Both your Balance History and Match History will be reset when the update goes live.

Will Club Squads purchased in PES 2020 carry over to PES 2021?

No. Club Squads, and any items included in Club Squad purchases (like the strips) are only usable in PES 2020.

However, if you still have any bonus myClub Coins left over from your Club Squad purchases, these will carry over.

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Will Coins + Bonus packs purchased in PES 2020 carry over to PES 2021?

Any unused coins will carry over, whereas uniforms included in these packs will not.

Players included in Coins + Bonus packs are subject to the same carryover rules as all other players.

What will happen to player injuries and yellow/red cards from PES 2020 during the update?

All data related to injuries and yellow/red cards will be reset during the update giving all players a fresh start.

What is the maximum number of players that I can have in PES 2021?

You can have a maximum of 500 players. This has not changed from PES 2020.

Will there be any changes to the mobile platforms that PES 2021 is compatible with?

No. PES 2021 will be compatible with the same platforms as PES 2020.

Will players included in my team when I first began playing the game carry over?

Yes. They will be converted into Carryover Players during the update.

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