Kingdom Hearts: Mobile game to launch in Spring 2020, Square Enix announces

According to the developers, a new Kingdom Hearts game is on its way ‘surprisingly soon’, but not before the Kingdom Hearts experience hits iOS and Android this Spring.

This information was revealed recently in a Q&A session on the game’s Japanese Twitter account, hosted in celebration of Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind’s upcoming launch.

Kingdom Hearts is the series of RPG games developed by Square Enix in collaboration with Disney Interactive.

Kingdom Hearts is infamously complex, and there have been a total of 13 games in the series - so it’s not hard to see why the plot has confused some players over the years.

The most recent instalment, Kingdom Hearts 3, follows the story of a young boy (Sora) trying to stop the Heartless from taking over the universe.

Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to start with, but the game includes characters from Pixar worlds Toy Story, Tangled, Monsters Inc, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

Continue reading for all the details on the two upcoming games.

Q&A session

During the session, we found out that Re:Mind will be the first and only DLC for the current instalment. 

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ASSEMBLE: The Pixar universe joins forces to take down an insidious enemy

The team stated:

“We are already working on the next title. One title will be coming surprisingly soon”

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The new DLC is set to jump around the narrative that was established during Kingdom Hearts 3. 

It will dive deeper into Kairi’s rescue and the DLC’s ending will connect with the ending of the main game.

Kingdom Hearts mobile

Square Enix also made a surprising announcement on their ‘Project Xehanort’ Twitter account. 

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NO FACE NO CASE: The game, currently going by the codename 'Project Xehanort', is running a campaign for fans to guess the name

An all-new Kingdom Hearts mobile game is hitting iOS and Android mobile devices in Spring 2020, and ‘Project Xehanort’ is the working title for the game. 

Kingdom Hearts is famous for creating a worrying number of spin-off titles across several different platforms.

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Considering that the series has arguably the most longwinded of narratives of any video game series, some fans are excited about a new game, while others are put off.

 Besides the Spring release date window, nothing else was revealed about Project Xehanort on Twitter. 

We hope that the company can address the growing complaints list from their loyal following, and deliver a satisfying storyline to the masses.

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