Clash Royale Season 25 Release Time

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Clash Royale's popularity is ever growing, and for Season 25, we're kicking off Summer with a Boom.

Season 25 will see a beach theme incorporated, but not just any beach, Boom Beach! Another popular Supercell title that was available long before Clash Royale, it's making its presence felt in Season 25 of Clash Royale.

Here's what you need to know about when Season 25 starts and some of the content that will be available.

Clash Royale Season 25 Start Time

Season 25 of Clash Royale is set to begin Monday, 5 July. Given that updates are usually done in the early morning for European players, we expect the update to drop between 9-10am BST.

If your game does not automatically update, be sure to double check the app store to make sure it doesn't need to be triggered manually.

Clash Royale Season 25 Content

As part of the Boom Beach crossover, Season 25's arena will be the Island Arena. A lovely beach setting to match the summer feel.

Some special content will be available as part of the Pass Royale following the Boom Beach collaboration.

  • Boom Tower Skin Set - Tier 10
  • Boom King Tower
  • Unicorn Float Princess Tower
  • Bowler: Basketball - Tier 20

Whether you pay for the Pass Royal or just stick with the free version, you have the opportunity to earn an Epic Book of Cards at level 35.

Clash Royale Season 25
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Summer vibes ensure Season 25 will be a blast.

Two cards will be receiving a boost this season, the Goblin Drill and Bowler. We also know what the name of the challenges will be;

  • Firecracker’s Fireworks
  • Elixir Marathon
  • Mirror Challenge
  • Classic Decks Challenge
  • Sand is Healing

Finally, two global tournaments are sent to take place during Season 25. Both the Classic and Triple Elixir tournaments will take place with times and dated to be determined still.

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