MLB The Show 22: Halladay and Friends program adds Showdown, Conquest Map and more

MLB The Show 22 has been going strong with the Halladay and Friends featured program in Diamond Dynasty, and it's gotten a bundle of new content.

We've got details on all the new additions to this program and how you can earn extra XP in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22: New ways to earn XP in Halladay and Friends

After providing us some more lengthy offerings, the short Halladay and Friends program is offering up a sprint for MLB The Show 22 players.

With now just one week remaining to complete the program and unlock top rewards like Postseason Roy Halladay, there are fortunately new ways to grind.

Four new major content drops have arrived along with the latest MLB The Show 22 roster update, and each of them has a bundle of program XP tied to completion.

You only need to reach the 200,000 XP mark for that top version of Halladay, and you can earn nearly half of that just from these new additions.

Roy Halladay Showdown

First up, we have a total of 20,000 XP up for grabs in the new Roy Halladay Showdown, but that doesn't include gameplay XP you'll earn while playing it.

Contrary to others which mixed in various challenges, this brief Showdown is packed with five win-or-go-home elimination battles.

MLB The Show 22 Halladay and Friends
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ONE AND DONE: Any loss in these will put you back at square one

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After completing each of them, or choosing to skip to the end if you think you can make up the difference in runs, you'll be up against the best version of Halladay.

If you can pull ahead in the 20 outs available for that final challenge, you'll score some Stubs along with the major program XP boost.

Spotlight Moments & Veteran Series Collection

Next, we have the addition of a series of Spotlight Moments and the in-program Collection featuring Veteran players.

Players who have already worked on their Collections likely already have enough cards to complete it, and doing so nets you a quick 10,000 XP.

On top of that, there are 10 new Spotlight Moments at 2,000 XP each, so that's another 20,000 XP for the program in addition to any gameplay XP you earn while playing them.

Doc's Stethoscope Conquest Map

Finally, the second of two Conquest Maps included in the Halladay and Friends program has arrived.

This will be your most lucrative challenge, as you'll be able to snag much more than the bulk 30,000 XP completing it gives you.

MLB The Show 22 Doc's Stethoscope conquest
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THE DOC IS IN: This unique map is available now with more hidden rewards

Once again, this map is packed with hidden rewards including stubs, XP, and packs that you can earn just by playing.

If you complete each of the challenges above, and the already released Ringing Bell Conquest Map, that alone will net you 110,000 XP towards the Halladay and Friends program.

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