MLB The Show 22 reveals new commentary team for this year's game

MLB The Show 22 commentary is getting a huge upgrade this year in the form of a new commentary duo, and they've pulled out all the stops this time.

We've got details on which duo will become the new primary voices of MLB The Show 22 commentary and how much commentary they actually recorded to make this game shine.

MLB The Show 22 adds new commentary duo of Jon Sciambi and Chris Singleton

With the next installment in this baseball franchise just a few weeks away, we're finally learning more details about the updated MLB The Show 22 commentary team.

It's important not to overlook the work of commentators who have lent their voice to the MLB The Show franchise in the past, but with more innovation it was time for an upgrade.

The new pairing of play-by-play announcer Jon Sciambi and color analyst Chris Singleton, veteran MLB broadcasters with other a decade of experience calling games together, was revealed in the following video:

The MLB The Show commentary has evolved over the years, but the stalwart for some time has been Matt Vasgersian who began in a much smaller role for The Show in 2005 when Vin Scully was still the primary play-by-play voice.

Vasgersian spoke about the process in an interview prior to the release of MLB The Show 20, and he stated that they recorded around 45 to 50 hours of material for each new game.

By MLB The Show 20, the team had grown to include Mark DeRosa, Dan Plesac, and finally Heidi Watney as the in-game reporter on the field.

Commentary recording took more than 350 hours for the new duo

If you're worried about how much new commentary they might have added to MLB The Show 22 from this new duo, the numbers certainly sound positive.

As revealed by Ramone Russell, Sciambi and Singleton had 128 recording sessions for a total of 350 recording hours that produced approximately 45,000 lines of audio.

In addition, they've completely redesigned the commentary systems for game intros, home run calls, post-play analysis, and more across MLB The Show 22.

MLB the show 22 commentary
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MEET THE TEAM: Sciambi and Singleton are the new voices of MLB The Show 22

Perhaps the most crucial changes on a deeper level will be that MLB The Show 22 is getting a new conversation system with audio stitching enhancements to improve the natural feeling of commentary, the variety of lines being said, and to up the excitement in big moments.

Russell also mentioned that the commentary was captured from "both real-life MLB broadcasts and MLB The Show-called commentary" in order to provide a unique mix for each player.

Singleton also spoke briefly about the process and revealed that it's been a process several years in the making, but said it's been "one of the most memorable experiences of [his] career."

More details should be revealed and showcased during the next MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere, and you can find that full schedule here.

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