MLB The Show 22: Best Hitting View and PCI Settings

MLB The Show 22 is packed with batting options, but finding the best hitting view and PCI can make a big difference.

We've got all the details on how you can get your settings right in MLB The Show 22 before you step up to the plate.

Best Hitting View in MLB The Show 22

There are a few big changes players can make to impact their batting experience in MLB The Show 22, and one of them is adjusting the hitting view.

Like most of the settings and options available, the best hitting view may vary based on preference, but knowing what works for others can help you find what works for you.

While there are several to choose from, we suggest Strike Zone 2 as the best hitting view in MLB The Show 22.

best hitting view mlb the show 22
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CAMERA WORK: Getting your view right can make a big difference

Seen above, this zooms the camera in and puts the pitcher and plate close to center, which can help significantly in tracking where the ball is going.

The other Strike Zone camera options are also good picks, as they use similar framing but change the zoom and exact positioning slightly.

The best place to alter these settings is Custom Practice, as you can select Cameras in Options from there to view all of them as you're changing settings.

While some players enjoy making a custom camera view, we don't recommend this as they're not usable in online games and can make adjusting in those scenarios difficult.

Best PCI Settings in MLB The Show 22

If you've chosen to use the Zone Interface when hitting, it can be confusing to decide how to adjust the PCI itself.

We've found the most success with the view seen below, which uses the following settings:

  • PCI Center: Circles
  • PCI Inner: Wedge
  • PCI Outer: None
  • PCI Color: Orange
  • PCI Transparency: 70%
  • PCI Fadeout: None
MLB The Show 22 best PCI
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TWEAK IT: Feel free to adjust the PCI if our options don't work for you

Removing the PCI Outer entirely can help reduce clutter on the screen, and this could make it easier for you to track the ball as it's being delivered.

The Wedge choice comes with the advantage of different sizes on each side with the larger half of the Wedge always on the outside of the zone.

Finally, removing PCI Fadeout entirely allows you a little extra time to track the ball and know where your PCI is placed through that process.

Much like hitting view, PCI settings often come down to personal preference and you may want to adjust things until you find what works for you.

Hitting has been notoriously difficult this year for even veteran players, so don't be afraid to spend some time in Custom Practice getting things right.

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