The Show on Xbox is filled with PlayStation branding

MLB The Show 21 has finally arrived on multiple platforms, and the most exciting of those is definitely Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

For years, MLB The Show had been a PlayStation-exclusive series, and the game developed by Sony San Diego still bears those marks even on Xbox.

The Show on Xbox has tons of Sony and PlayStation branding

While MLB The Show 21 has broken new ground on multiple platforms with crossplay and cross platform progression, the roots of the title are still entirely found with Sony and PlayStation.

Sony San Diego Studio was the developer for MLB The Show 21, and it was published by both MLB Advanced Media and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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SONY WON'T LET YOU FORGET: Now on Xbox, this is still a PlayStation game

While some players have already been caught off guard by the PlayStation logo when the game launches on Xbox, that Sony branding is ultimately inescapable.

Just about every in-game stadium for MLB The Show 21 has one of the large advertising areas around the stadium filled with Sony or PlayStation branding.

Xbox Game Pass is the best value for MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 is out now, but the barrier to entry is much lower for Xbox players because the title has launched with Xbox Game Pass on day one.

While gamers on PS4 or PS5 will have to pay $60+ depending on their edition choice and console, Xbox users don't have nearly the same burden.

If you're not already an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can still get your first month for just $1, with a monthly cost of $9.99 ($14.99 for Ultimate) after that first month.

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