MLB The Show 21 Server Issues Disrupt Online Play

MLB The Show 21 servers are experiencing some technical difficulties, leading to thousands of players unable to connect to online matchmaking and game modes the day after launch.

MLB The Show 21 servers down status cant connect multiplayer online
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BEHIND IN THE COUNT: Thousands of players can't connect to online game modes in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 had no server issues over its 4-day early access period, but it seems the influx of new players on its second day since official launch has caused some technical problems.

Sony San Diego Studio is on the case, however, acknowledging the server instability and issues with players connecting to online and multiplayer game modes.

With this, players can rest assured knowing the team is working to get the MLB The Show 21 servers back on track, and players back into their online games.

In the meantime, stay with us while we update with the latest news on the new MLB The Show 21 server problems, and when players can expect to get back into the game.

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