MLB The Show 21: How to Link Cross Platform Accounts

MLB The Show 21 has broken new ground all across the board this year, and that includes crossplay and amazing cross platform progression for Xbox and PlayStation.

The previously PlayStation-exclusive series lands on Xbox now for the first time, and players can make sure their saves are safe between all platforms.

Here's all the details you need to link your accounts to for cross platform progression saves in MLB The Show 21.

How do cross-saves and cross platform progression work in MLB The Show 21?

By linking to an account on, you can ensure any progress made on one platform will carry over to another platform at a later time.

MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform Saves Progression Account
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CARRY BETWEEN PLATFORMS: Cross platform progression allows your saves to crossover

If you think there's even the slightest chance you'll switch to another system, or just want to secure your save should your console be damaged and you choose a different one, this is a process you need to get done.

Once linked, your cross-saves will carry over between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 without issue. is where you'll need to head to ensure cross platform progression and saves work for you at a later time.

Upon arriving at the website, look for the top right hand corner for "My Account" and click there.

MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform Saves Progression Account
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MY ACCOUNT: Look in the top right of your browser to click on it

You'll be directed to login to your Xbox or PlayStation account, which may happen automatically if you've previously logged in on the browser you're using.

MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform Saves Progression Account
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PLAYSTATION OR XBOX: Login with your platform to connect

After this is done, head into your MLB The Show 21 game and click on the top left icon to get to your Ballplayer and Profile, then select Link Account.

This is likely to give you a prompt to visit "" but this website link doesn't appear to be working yet.

Instead, you can login via the method described above on, and once in with your Xbox or PlayStation account, click on the bottom left section shown below to register with an account on

MLB The Show 21 Link Account Cross Platform Saves
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REGISTER ACCOUNT: Check the bottom left below Game Sites

Once your new account is created, it should automatically link to your PlayStation or Xbox account because that's how you were already logged in.

Once this completed for me, the prompt in-game directing me to the previously mentioned broken link was gone and the game said things were properly linked.

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