3rd Inning Program officially begins in The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 has now launched the 3rd Inning Program for Diamond Dynasty, and a new program means new rewards and much more.

The 3rd Inning Bosses have been revealed to include a brand new legend, and MLB The Show 21 will also add a new Conquest map and much more in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 21 3rd Inning Program Start & End Date

MLB The Show 21 tends to run each Inning Program for approximately four weeks, so we say goodbye to the 2nd Inning Program and look forward to the next month with the 3rd Inning Program.

Start Date: Friday, June 4, 2021 at Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET)

End Date: Friday, July 2, 2021 at Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET)

With just four weeks to plow through the full program, get a jump start now if you're hoping to snag all the 3rd Inning rewards.

New Pizza Conquest Map

The release of the 3rd Inning Program also includes a new Conquest map in Diamond Dynasty, and this time it's following a pizza theme.

MLB The Show 21 3rd Inning Program Bosses Conquest Pizza
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CONQUER EVERY TOPPING: Clear the map for some major rewards

Players will be able to conquer territories on this delicious looking slice to earn both known and hidden rewards.

If you want some tips on how to handle Conquest, or to know the locations of all hidden rewards in each map, check out our guide here.

3rd Inning Bosses include new legend Troy Glaus

Each new Inning Program in MLB The Show 21 brings a group of new bosses to Diamond Dynasty, and this time that group includes an all new legend.

MLB The Show 21 3rd Inning Program Bosses Grady Sizemore Dennis Eckersley Troy Glaus
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THE BOSSES: Power through the program to unlock these new bosses

Two of the bosses, Dennis Eckersley and Grady Sizemore, already have cards in Diamond Dynasty, but these new versions take things up to a whole other level.

Finally, the newest addition is Troy Glaus, who bursts into Diamond Dynasty with an ultra-powerful Silver Slugger card celebrating his 2000 season.

3rd Inning Program Reward Track

You can check out the full reward track in-game by heading to Diamond Dynasty, Play, Programs, and picking the 3rd Inning Program.

We saw a space theme with the 2nd Inning Program, but things are getting tastier as a pizza theme is at play with this new 3rd Inning Program.

Playing MLB The Show 21 in any game mode will earn you XP for the 3rd Inning Program, but there are some key things you can do to earn major chunks of XP.

3rd Inning Missions & Daily Missions

So far, three missions have been added to the 2nd Inning Program with chunks of XP as rewards, but also make sure to keep an eye on Daily Missions which refresh each day and are often quite manageable to complete.

  • Competitive Dubs: Win 10 games in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events (5,000 XP)
  • Lights Out Stuff: Tally 20 strikeouts with any Legend or Flashback pitchers in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events (7,500 XP)
  • Relive The Moment: Tally 15 home runs with Topps Now or Monthly Awards players in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events (7,500 XP)

Don't forget that you draft a squad in Battle Royale. If you don't have any Legend, Flashback, Topps Now, or Monthly Awards players, just draft them into your Battle Royale squad and start winning.

3rd Inning Pizza Conquest Rewards

You'll get a major chunk of XP for completing the 3rd Inning Pizza Conquest map, and 25,000 XP would take you straight to the 4th reward in the 3rd Inning Program.

If you choose to complete the map first, that alone would net you enough XP to earn 3,000 Stubs, one The Show Pack, one Ballplayer Choice Pack, the "Painful Scream" Stadium Sound, and the "Pizza Party!" nameplate.

MLB The Show 21 3rd Inning Program Conquest Pizza
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PIZZA PARTY: That's what you'll wanna have when you complete the Pizza map

That doesn't even include the packs, stubs, and hidden rewards you'll get from Conquest or the XP and Team Affinity you could earn while playing Conquest games.

3rd Inning Collections

So far there are three Collections available to earn XP in the 3rd Inning Program, the main one being to collect all three 2nd Inning Bosses.

That's a costly task that will net 50,000 XP, but the other two are manageable if you've snagged some of the Daily Moments Evolution players.

If you unlock either Ozzie Smith or Gary Carter and complete their Evolution Program to make them into an All-Star Diamond form, you can complete a Collection for 15,000 XP each in the 3rd Inning Program.

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