Zenless Zone Zero Expected Release Date Listed in App Store

Zenless Zone Zero Cunning Hares AKA Gentle House members.
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Cunning Hares AKA Gentle House members.
Credit: HoYoverse

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Anticipation for HoYoverse's next project, the urban fantasy action RPG Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), just might have reached a fever pitch thanks to a potential leak of its release date.

This upcoming free-to-play RPG promises to follow in the footsteps of its popular predecessors, featuring signature gacha mechanics and a cast of captivating characters with unique designs. Since its reveal in May 2022, ZZZ has captured the rapt attention of players with its stunning visuals showcasing a bustling cityscape, fast-paced combat, and a diverse cast. This recent “leak” only fuels the excitement surrounding the game!

A potential release date for Zenless Zone Zero may have been leaked

After nearly two years of waiting for more news, keen fans spotted a July 3, 2024, release date listed for the ZZZ app on the App Store, sending a wave of excitement through social media.

However, the date is marked as "expected," meaning it's not an official confirmation from HoYoverse. We should consider it a placeholder until a formal announcement arrives! It’s important to note that there's no date listed yet on Google Play or the official ZZZ website.

A screenshot of a post from @Ubatcha1 revealing the expected release date of Zenless Zone Zero on the App Store.
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Credit: @Ubatcha1

ZZZ sets itself apart with its vibrant urban setting and intriguing roster of characters. From bubblegum-haired delinquents to gun-toting math whiz bears, each personality promises to inject a unique brand of chaos into this upcoming game!

The story unfolds in New Eridu, a futuristic city that coexists with perilous alternate dimensions called "Hollows". Players take on the role of a "Proxy", who helps others explore these Hollows and fight monsters called the "Ethereal".

With Kuro Games’ Wuthering Waves also on the horizon, fans of anime-style open-world action RPGs are in for a ride!

Zenless Zone Zero platforms

Zenless Zone Zero will be playable for free on PC and Mac through HoYoverse's in-game client. Additionally, the Tokyo Game Show 2023 special program confirmed mobile versions for iOS and Android, and the recent PlayStation State of Play livestream announced that a PlayStation 5 version is currently in development.

Eager to be one of the first to get your hands on ZZZ? Pre-order it on the App Store or pre-register on Google Play and the official website now!

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