WoW Shadowlands World Server is Down message - Meaning, How to Fix & more

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is less than 2 hours away - and players are already ready to hop into the new content!

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For players trying to log in, however, they aren't loading into the game, and receiving the "World server is down" message.

WoW Shadowlands World Server is Down
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DON'T PANIC: This message isn't the end of the world for WoW Shadowlands

What does this message mean, and how can players fix it?

Players shouldn't panic, the "World server is down" message is expected as Blizzard prepares Shadowlands.

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While we don't have a timeline from Blizzard just yet on the world server coming back up, we know Shadowlands will go live at 6pm EST. Even if we have downtime all the way up to it for the next hour and a half, we don't expect any Shadowlands delays.

As this is a breaking story, stay tuned for updates as they come.

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