World of Warcraft 2022 Spring Roadmap: New mobile game revealed

World of Warcraft is gaming royalty at this point. With a legacy spanning almost two decades, players have hung around for tonnes of DLC and kept grinding all those raids and bosses. Whilst Shadowlands was liked at first, public opinion went down over time and the newest expansion is rather important to many. Here's what we know about the roadmap so far and what that could mean.

World of Warcraft Roadmap

Recently, the official World of Warcraft Twitter account revealed the plans for the game over the next year. This isn't just about World of Warcraft, it's about the future of the Warcraft universe.

  • First up, we have a new expansion for Hearthstone set to be revealed on March 15th.
  • After this, the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship begins on March 18th.
  • One day later, we will finally see the reveal of the next World of Warcraft expansion.
  • Finally, in May, we will see the announcement of a new mobile game set in the Warcraft universe.

World of Warcraft Expansion

The last major expansion we got for World of Warcraft was Shadowlands back in 2020. Ever since its release way back in 2004, a big expansion has arrived every two to three years so we imagine this reveal will be followed by an imminent release date.

We don't know what it's about just yet but it seems very likely it will arrive by the end of 2022, especially given the roadmap only covers the first half of the year.

Mobile Game

This new mobile game could be anything but we know it is set in the Warcraft world. Though this could hint at a port of World of Warcraft (Much like the Runescape port last year) but we don't have confirmation just yet.

We'll update you right here if anything changes.

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