14 Sep 2021 10:56 AM +00:00

Shadowlands Weekly Reset: What's happening in World of Warcraft this week?

If you're a Warcraft regular, you're going to know that it's almost time for the Shadowlands Weekly Reset - again. If not, we've got everything you need to know about the Shadowlands Weekly Reset in World of Warcraft. It doesn't look like a whole lot is going on in Shadowlands this week, with The Burning Crusade Phase 2 due to be released soon. Here's the latest...

RESET TIME - When does everything go back?

Blizzard is in a little bit of a routine nowadays when it comes to World of Warcraft Shadowlands' Weekly Reset. They update the game at the same time each week, with the US Latin and Oceanic servers all being updated a few hours before the European servers.

Below, we have all the times laid out for you:

  • US, Latin, Oceanic
    • Tuesday 14th September
      • 08:00 PST
      • 11:00 EST
      • 16:00 BST
  • European
    • Wednesday 15th September
      • 00:00 PST
      • 03:00 EST
      • 08:00 BST

The Shadowlands Weekly Reset also takes place at the same times as the Daily Reset - of course, they affect different things but it's worth knowing just in case.

WEEKLY RESET - What's going on this week?

It looks like another fairly quiety week for Shadowlands - the Weekly Reset doesn't look like it's bringing anything new. This means we're going to be looking at the standard refresh of Raids, Weekly Chests, World Bosses... Everything you'd expect to reset on a weekly basis, basically.

Last week, Shadowlands Patch 9.15 was added to the Public Test Servers (PTR) and it looks like we're still waiting for that to be released fully for Shadowlands. There's usually around three weeks between an update being added to the PTR and it's full release. This means we might have more to talk about next week when it comes to the Shadowlands Weekly Reset.

In addition to this, WoW Classic The Burning Crusade Phase 2 is due to be released on September 15th. We could potentially see the update added to WoW Classic during the Shadowlands Weekly Reset in preparation for the update - however, we don't know if this will be the case just yet.