AEW video game looking at a possible 2022 release

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With the launch of AEW Games last year, excitement has continued to build for the eventual AEW video game many fans hope to see on consoles.

Details are unfortunately still a bit scarce, but here's what we know so far about an eventual AEW video game.

Will there be an AEW video game?

Yes, there absolutely will be. This was confirmed with the launch of AEW Games in November of 2020, and it came with an official trailer.

Even with very preliminary footage, the AEW video game trailer did confirm several importance pieces of this future console game.

Veteran wrestling game developer Yuke's will be on board for the title, which is a huge grab for AEW after the company parted ways with WWE and 2K Games.

AEW will also be working hand in hand with Geta, the original director for WWF No Mercy, giving them the edge of one of the most revered wrestling game developers of all time.

When is the AEW video game coming out?

While we've already gotten the release of AEW Casino: Double or Nothing on mobile platforms, and AEW Elite GM is likely coming out first, we do have an idea of when the AEW video game is coming to consoles.

AEW Video Game Games Consoles Console Screenshot
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ELITE GAMING: Even the very early preview showed promise for an AEW game

The AEW video game release date is expected to be early 2022, but more details than that are still scarce, and we may not know for sure until later this year.

Even that time period could be delayed, but it's where AEW is aiming for this currently unnamed console video game release.

Considering the timing of late February 2022 being the likely air date for AEW Revolution 2022, or May hosting AEW Double or Nothing, those two months seem most likely to also have the launch of the upcoming AEW console game.

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