Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 feature Miles Morales?

Miles Morales Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 promises to be one of the most exciting releases of 2023, with Insomniac Games returning for another bout with the web-slinger.

With some minor details emerging, attention has started to turn to the cast and characters that will feature in Spider-Man 2.

Check below for everything you need to know about whether you can expect to see Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2.

Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 feature Miles Morales?

There's a simple answer to this question, and thankfully it's yes.

Miles Morales will feature in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, with Peter Parker's fellow super-powered pal set to take centre stage.

Miles has featured heavily in the promo for the game so far, with the inexperienced Spider-Man a main part of the first teaser trailer.

Miles Morales
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READY FOR MORE - Miles Morales will play a big role in Spider-Man 2

Miles will almost certainly take up a main role alongside Peter Parker, as the two Spider-Men face the deadly duo of Kraven the Hunter and Venom.


We're not here to provide any spoilers for either Spier-Man (2018) or Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but we are expecting all of the main cast to return for this game.

Peter Parker will likely once again take the lead as the protagonist, building upon the relationships previously established in the first game.

Spider-Man 2 Venom
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A NEW FOE - Venom will play a big part in Spier-Man 2

A more confident Miles will also appear and will likely be playable, giving you the chance to experience the difference in powers of both Spider-Men.

A confirmed villain for the story is Venom, with the symbiotic beast showcased in the initial teaser trailer.

Some fans have also speculated that Kraven the Hunter, a popular Spider-Man villain from the comics will also showcase, with his voice also heard in the initial teaser trailer.

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