Will GhostWire: Tokyo resurface at Gamescom 2021?

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GhostWire: Tokyo was set to be something huge coming out of Tango Gameworks under the mindful eye of Shinji Mikami's protegee Ikumi Nakamura.

Fast forward over two years since its initial reveal and there's not a whole lot that we know about the game. After a recent delay being announced, could we see it resurface in the public eye at Gamecom 2021?

New GhostWire: Tokyo Trailer Coming?

June 2019 was when GhostWire: Tokyo was announced and all we've heard since then is that game director Ikumi Nakamura was no longer working on the project.

It was initially thought that Shinji Mikami took over the project. Instead, it's now believed that Tekken veteran Kenji Kimura is actually the new game director. The last trailer for GhostWire: Toyko came back during the pre-PS5 event stream where gameplay was shown. A release date of October 2021 was still believed to be achievable but then came the radio silence.

In July, a delay was officially confirmed, pushing the game to 2022. No specific window of release was given. The state of the game is currently unknown, but if Tango Gameworks was able to produce a polished looking gameplay trailer back in June 2020, it begs the question of why have we heard nothing since.

Gamescom 2021 seems like the perfect time to announce the game to the world again and remind players why they were so excited for it in the first place.

It would also be a good chance to highlight who exactly is running the project as while the Mikami name would bring more attention to the project, it also can't be used under false pretences if he isn't directly involved in production.

GhostWire: Tokyo also remains a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive title after the Bethesda acquisition by Microsoft so it appears it will not debut on Xbox consoles until 2023 at the earliest.

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