Wild Card Football: Everything you need to know

Wild Card Football

Wild Card Football

A new football game is just days away and is ready to compete with Madden 24. We are of course talking about Wild Card Football, the newest entry in the very successful Playgrounds franchise.

Wild Card Football is a unique game, that will provide players with a new way of playing football. It's a 7v7 fast-paced game, with unique rules, special powers, a plethora of moves, and different game modes.

The game allows you to create your dream team, enjoy a more laid-back single-player experience, or play the competitive multiplayer mode. Without further ado, let's find out everything about Wild Card Football.

Wild Card Football release date

As mentioned above, Wild Card Football is almost here, with the new Saber Interactive game being scheduled to be released on 10 October, for both consoles and PC.

Wild Card Football cover
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Colin Kaepernick is the face of Wild Card Football.

The Wild Card Football trailer provided players with a look at some gameplay footage. Most players liked what they saw, and were very happy that there is potentially a viable alternative to Madden.

With the game launch being just eight days away, the hype for Wild Card Football is through the roof, with players being very excited to try out the title. So, let's find out a little bit more about the game.

Why is Wild Card Football unique?

Wild Card Football is very different from traditional American football games, such as Madden. Instead of focusing on delivering the most realistic experience, Wild Card Football is a more arcade game, that delivers an action-packed experience.

The game was created by Saber Interactive and has a partnership with the NFLPA. This means that Wild Card Football is officially licensed, and has a massive roster, full of football superstars.

As mentioned above, Wild Card Football is a 7v7 game, which has its own rules, special powers, and unique abilities. All of these elements make Wild Card Football a very fast-paced and action-packed game, where there are no dull moments.

In Wild Card Football, you can create your dream team. Since the game is officially licensed by the NFLPA, there are hundreds of football superstars you can choose from.

Wild Card Football gameplay
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There are plenty of special abilities in Wild Card Football that can change the course of a game.

This allows you to create your ultimate 7-a-side team. Have you always dreamed about having Patrick Mahomes, Rob Gronkowski, Jerry Rice, and Aaron Donald on the same team? Well, now you can.

Wild Cards are also an important feature of the game. There are over 150 Wild Cards, and they are what guarantee you special powers and unique abilities. Some of these superpowers allow you to summon walls or become invisible. It's also possible to boost your player attributes, or completely change the rules of the game.

The game also includes three game modes. A single-player mode, a competitive mode, where you fight to reach the top of the leaderboard, or the classic local multiplayer.

Wild Card Football also possess a great customisation tool. It lets you personalise your team logos, uniforms, and stadiums. You can also create unique playbooks.


Wild Card Football will have three editions, the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate edition. All of them bring unique rewards and are already available for pre-ordering. The Standard edition costs $39.99 and brings the full base game, which players will be able to play on 10 October.

Wild Card Football gameplay footage
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The Deluxe edition is a little bit more expensive, going for $59.99. However, it brings some great rewards. Players who buy the Deluxe edition will receive the game, a Season Pass, the Blazing Bones Outfit, and 10 card packs.

When it comes to the Ultimate edition, it's the most expensive of all, costing $69.99. It includes everything the Deluxe edition offers plus 10 Legendary Outfits. With Wild Card Football on the horizon, stay alert for our game review.

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