Why Mass Effect Legendary Edition Doesn't Have Multiplayer

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Mass Effect is a game known for many things. It's known for epic space battles, decision-based stories and hot alien characters.

Something it's often overlooked for is its multiplayer. Only seen in the third game, the multiplayer became a real-time sink for many but seemingly not enough to justify this time around.

Why Is There No Multiplayer in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

There are likely a multitude of reasons for this but the central one was discovered over at GameInformer.

In this interview, they spoke to Mac Walters, the project director, who compared multiplayer to a Porsche. He explained how revamping and bringing back the multiplayer is much harder than otherwise thought and the years of rust and decay since then haven't been very kind to it.

He said that restoring a Porsche is fine but restoring one encased in cement means chipping away until you reach the core. Essentially, including multiplayer could mess with the strong single player on a foundational level and it might not even be worth restoring those servers.

What Was The Multiplayer Like

The multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 had up to four players working together in a cooperative fashion. It involved wave-based combat, interspersed with objectives like disabling devices or killing certain types of enemies.

There was an in-game progression system, separate from the main game that had players level up characters and weapons. Cumulated experiences points would net levels and each of the six character classes would level up separately.

Once you reached the level cap at 20, you either had to promote that character or stop earning exp. It was a fairly simple inclusion but fun with a team, thinking somewhere between Call of Duty's zombies mode and a little Rainbow Six and you have an approximation at it.

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