Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available worldwide, Spectre Agents

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If you're looking for the latest information about Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you might be unaware that it's actually out right now! There's a few central changes worth talking about and BioWare has just uploaded a wonderful clip to celebrate the launch.

LATEST - Community Tribute Video

The team behind Mass Effect has shared a Community Tribute that really drives home why Mass Effect is important and how momentous the Legendary Edition's release is.

For a lot of people, video games are more than just video games. They're a way to escape from daily life, a way to explore themselves retrospectively, and a way to find representation. Community is at the heart of Mass Effect and this is what makes the game so special.

Mass Effect has helped people do this and now the Legendary Edition is bringing all of this and more to the next generation of consoles.

Welcome back, Commander Shephard.

New Trophies & Achievements

How many Trophies?!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has a legendary amount of PSN Trophies and Xbox Achievements up for grabs when it comes out on May 14th. There's 130 in total and they're spread across the trilogy.

For the most part, each Mass Effect title has its original Trophy / Achievement list. The original Mass Effect has 35, Mass Effect 2 has the most with 45, and Mass Effect 3 has a respectable 39. That only adds up to 119 though? Where's the rest of them?

Well... Mass Effect Legendary Edition has its own set of Trilogy-spanning Trophies / Achievements that you'll need to unlock across all three titles. Check those 11 out below:

  • Insanity I
    • Complete Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 on Insanity without changing the difficulty
  • Insanity II
    • Complete two games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Insanity without changing the difficulty
  • Insanity III
    • Complete all three games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Insanity without changing difficulty
  • Paramour I
    • Establish a romantic relationship in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3
  • Paramour II
    • Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship in two games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • Paramour III
    • Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship in all three games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • Long Service Medal
    • Finish Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 with the same character
  • Recruit
    • Kill 250 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3
  • Soldier
    • Kill 1,000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3
  • Veteran
    • Kill 2,000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3
  • Bruiser
    • Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

If you want to see the full list of Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Trophies / Achievements, we have that for you here.

Legendary Edition Comparison Trailer

Giving fans exactly what they asked for, EA provided a concise trailer showing off some of the visual changes you can expect in just a handful of days.

It opens with a nice shot of the Citadel and reveals the huge changes we've made in the last ten years.

Where the older Citadel looks dark and a little grimy, the new Citadel is bright and truly encapsulates a little bit of the brilliance we saw a decade ago.

A few more interesting sights are the Mako driving through water and the new intricacies in the design of our central cast.

Release Date & Release Time

No delays this time around, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming May 14.

With this package comes the first three Mass Effect games (Andromeda has been left out) alongside graphical changes, bug fixes, and most of the DLC.

Unfortunately, the Pinnacle Station DLC from the first Mass Effect game will not be there due to missing source code. To put this into the game, it would require a delay of six months. This being said, all other DLC will come with the game, even content that was unlocked by playing certain games.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition should then unlock for you to play at midnight local time on May 14, so you can jump in from that time.

What Other Changes Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition Have?

As all three games are being sold together, Mass Effect will have a more consistent HUD and changes between games will be mostly content-based.

The other major change has been made to multiplayer. Mass Effect 3 won't have it. It was revealed to just be too hard to implement right now for a mode that fans weren't hugely fond of in the first place.

File Download Size

The Mass Effect trilogy offers a huge amount of content that should keep you busy for hundreds of hours.

This being said, it will need a lot of room on your platform of choice to play. Due to the inclusion of more language in Europe, Legendary Edition will be larger here than in the US, sitting at a whopping 87GB. A day-one patch is expected to release on May 14 at 13GB.

How to Preload

You can preload the game digitally right now in advance to May 14, where you can start it at Midnight.

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