What is the Release Date for V Rising?

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Steam's Early Access system is a great tool for game studios to get their game out there while they work on fully completing the project. Occasionally, an Early Access game will even take the world by storm and that is exactly what happened for Stunlock Studios' V Rising.

A vampire-themed survival game, V Rising has hooked thousands of gamers across the world, with 115,000 concurrent players at the time of writing and over a million sales.

Despite this, many gamers want to know when V Rising will be getting an official release date. Here's everything you need to know.

What is V Rising's Release Date?

Key art taken from the V Rising website where a release date is mentioned.
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Unfortunately, those wanting to become creatures of the night when the game fully releases may have to wait a while. There is no official release date for V Rising coming out of Early Access. The Stunlock Q&A on their blog still provides more info.

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Right now Stunlock is focused on getting feedback on the game to continue developing the title and where they need to spend more of their time to refine the game.

Despite the lack of release date, however, V Rising is still available to play now and for those planning to play the PC version of the game, it's worth picking it up in Early Access as the Stunlock Q&A confirmed that the full release of the game will likely be more expensive due to it being a fully complete title. So if you're looking to get V Rising for yourself, waiting might not be your best choice.

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