What is V Rising?

For PC gamers who use Valve's storefront Steam, one of the more exciting things is when an indie game suddenly takes the gaming scene by storm. Such has been the case for Stunlock Studios' V Rising which has seen a high level of success since launching into Steam's Early Access system.

Figuring out what V Rising actually is can be a bit of a challenge just by looking at the game, however, so here is everything you need to know about the game and what it is.

V Rising: What is it?

A screenshot of a V Rising character in their castle that they built.
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V Rising sees players create and level up their own vampire and explore an open world to become more powerful, raise their empire and become the next Dracula.

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In terms of its gameplay, V Rising has some elements familiar to a MOBA or an MMORPG but it is a survival game first and foremost. Despite this, there are some key differences from what most people would expect. Namely, the usual thirst and hunger bars typical in survival games have been combined into one. Blood.

It wouldn't be a true vampire game without blood being used in some way or another and it makes up the core mechanic in V Rising with different creatures providing different blood types that give your character unique buffs depending on what you choose to consume. There is also blood quality which determines the strength of the buff.

V Rising also has a base building mechanic where players will slowly develop their own castle over time as they collect resources and complete quests.

Finally, the threats you'll come across in V Rising consist of your standard NPCs of humans, animals and undead beings but the biggest threat in the game is the sunshine. It's a well-known fact that vampires hate the sunlight and V Rising makes this the biggest threat in the game outside of its bosses. Travelling during the day becomes a tactical dash from shade to shade and adds a whole new level to the survival experience.

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