*WATCH* The Medium Live Action Trailer Released Ahead Of Games Launch

The Medium is a brand new third-person psychological horror game from Bloober Team, the developers behind the Layers of Fear series.

It has a unique mechanic, called the Dual Art Style, which should set it apart from most other horror games.

Live Action Trailer Released

Ahead of its release later this month, a live action trailer was released for the game.

In the trailer we get to see moments from the game recreated with live actors, really adding another layer in showcasing Dual Reality.

Scenes showcasing both the real world and the spirit world are shown, as well as various locations and characters that will be in the final game.

What Is The Medium?

The Medium is a new third-person psychological horror game that is due out later this month.

As the name suggests, players will take control of a medium, using "psychic abilities to solve puzzles spanning both worlds, uncover deeply disturbing secrets, and survive encounters with The Maw - a monster born from an unspeakable tragedy."

The Medium Simultaneous Dual Reality Gameplay Key Art 2
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DUAL REALITY: The game will render both the real and spirit world in real time.

It features a new mechanic called "Dual Reality Gameplay", which allows players to explore both the real world and the spirit world.

Because of the power of the next gen consoles, the game actually renders both the real world and spirit world together in real time, allowing for seamless transitions between the two without the need for loading screens.

The Medium should be one of the first games to truly showcase the power of the next gen hardware with this transition feature.

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Release Date

The Medium is due to launch on January 28 2021.

Its original release date was December 10 2020, but after Cyberpunk 2077 got pushed back to that date, Bloober Team thought it would be wise to delay The Medium.

With Cyberpunk 2077 selling over 13 million copies and being the centre of a lot of backlash and controversy, The Medium would have definitely been overshadowed by Cyberpunk had it released back in December.

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The Medium will launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Windows Store and Steam.

There are no plans for the game to launch on Xbox One due to the power requirements needed to render both worlds side by side.

The Medium dual reality key art
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NEXT GEN: The Medium will be one of the first games to showcase next gen power.

The lack of power from the last gen systems would mean huge sacrifices in quality, as well as loading screens between worlds, so it makes sense to just launch it exclusively for next gen.

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