Valorant Episode 3 Act 2: Patch Notes leak reveals all about next title update

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Valorant's next title update promises to be a good one - The latest Patch Notes leak for Episode 3 Act 2 has everyone talking. There's going to be a few changes to Agent Abilities, a number of alterations to Valorant's Competitive modes, and a new map! Here's the latest on what to expect.

LEAK - Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Patch Notes

Agent Updates

  • Breach Agent Changes
    • Aftershock (C)
      • Now deals damage to the following:
        • Killjoy Alarm Bot
        • Killjoy Nanoswarm
        • Killjoy Lockdown
        • Cypher Tripwire
        • Reyna Leer
        • Sage Barrier Orb
        • Sova Recon Bolt
        • KAY/O Zero/Point
  • Brimstone Agent Changes
    • Orbital Strike (X)
      • Now deals damage to the following:
        • Killjoy Nanoswarm
        • Cypher Trapwire
        • Sage Barrier Orb
        • Sova Recon Bolt
        • KAY/O Zero/Point
  • Sova Agent Changes
    • Hunter's Fury (X)
      • Now deals damage to the following:
        • Killjoy Nanoswarm
        • Cypher Trapwire
        • Sage Barrier Orb
        • Sova Recon Bolt
        • KAY/O Zero/Point
  • Killjoy Agent Changes
    • Turret (E)
      • Bullet tagging reduced 72.5% slow to 29.5% slow
  • Raze Agent Changes
    • Boom Bot (C)
      • Max damage reduced 125 >>> 80
      • Min damage reduced 50 >>> 30
      • Cost reduced 400 >>> 300

New Content

  • New Multiplayer Map
  • Fracture - You can check out the Official Map Teaser above

New Competitive Changes

  • Immortal 1/2/3 rank tiers are back!
    • The Leaderboard will update to distinguish between those of you in each Immortal tier.
  • Updated Ranked grouping restrictions to accommodate the return of Immortal 1/2/3:
    • Diamond 1 → Immortal 1
    • Diamond 2 → Immortal 2
    • Diamond 3 → Immortal 3
  • Adjusted Competitive ranked distribution
  • Fracture the only queue!
    • This queue is a standard, Unrated mode that will give players a chance to practice the new map before they see it in Competitive play.
  • Fracture-only queue will be available for 2 weeks; afterwards, Fracture will enter other modes, including Competitive.

Additional Changes & Updates

  • Premium Battlepass Bonus XP
    • Upgrading to the Premium Battlepass will grant a 3% XP boost toward Battlepass tier progression for all matchmade games until the end of Act II
      • This is not retroactive, so upgrading early will give you access to the most amount of XP
      • The XP boost does not apply toward Daily or Weekly Missions
  • Social Updates
    • Updated AFK detection logic to deter players from farming Battlepass/Account Levels by AFKing in-game modes like Deathmatch and Snowball Fight
  • Performance Updates
    • Updated the ping calculation to exclude the server frame time.
  • Updated markers used by NVIDIA Reflex

Valorant's Episode 3 Act 2 update is due to arrive on September 8th. We expect Riot Games to release the official Patch Notes for the update over the next 24 hours - ahead of launch. They might be different, but we'll keep this page updated with the latest if they are.