Valorant: Best Agents To Use - Ranking, Abilities, Playstyle & More

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Valorant is Riot Games’ upcoming competitive FPS, and it is a class-based shooter borrowing some elements from the popular game CS:GO.

The game appears to blend the character abilities of Overwatch with 5v5 gunplay that rewards quick reflexes and precision.

However, thanks to the closed beta that is currently live, we've heard that there are some overpowered agents, a few good ones, and a couple of straight-up awful agents.

Some of the Agents' abilities far out-weigh others, so with that in mind, we will be ranking the agents from best to worst.


Cream of the Crop Agents

These two agents are invaluable to the game, and have become the agent of choice for most gamers in the closed beta.


Raze is most people's go-to agent, and it's easy to see why.

raze valorant
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DOMINANCE: Raze is allegedly the only overpowered agent in the game

Raze is equipped with a Boom Bot for intel, a Blast Pack to give her a vertical advantage, and up to two sets of cluster grenades which have a devastating radius.

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Even her Ultimate Ability can prove lethal at both short and long-range, making her the most overpowered agent in the game.


Sage is a full-on support role and the game’s only healer, being able to heal herself and nurse teammates up to full health.

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PODIUM: Coming in for close second, Sage's unique abilities set her apart from the pack

Her Signature Ability can prove incredibly valuable in the latter parts of a round where your team has sustained a lot of damage.

Both her Slow and Barrier Orbs can temporarily corner off sections of a map, which the latter can also be used to get on top of boxes and use the height advantage, like Raze.

Top Tier Agents

These agents are by no means scrubs, but they do not stand out in the same way as Raze and Sage.


Jett is the master of mobility, and her wind-powered movement abilities get you on top of various boxes/Reactor Sites so you can get the edge over someone beneath you.

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COVER GIRL: Jett is pretty much the face of Valorant

Jett’s throwing knives can often come in handy as a replacement for a weapon when your team opts to save



Phoenix is an agent that suits an aggressive playstyle.

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TOP BOY: Phoenix appears on the cover with the other highly-rated agent, Jett

Blaze can divide a portion of a map in two while obscuring the enemy’s sight, whereas Hot Hands will give you a fireball that spreads on impact.

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He can also curve flashbangs around corners.


Omen is a shift rogue that is difficult to master, but when you do, you’ll soon realize that they’re a ‘Jack of all trades.’ 

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IT'S A SIGN: Omen probably takes the longest of all agents to master, but it's worth the wait

He can get in behind enemy lines and temporarily blind them.

The Stragglers


Now, we would be here all day if we covered the other 5 agents, but that doesn't mean that they aren't useful in their own ways.

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THE REST: These agents are by no means useless - they just don't stand out as much as the top 5 agents

Breach is one of Valorant’s most-rounded Agents who can go into combat all guns blazing, but lacks the flair of Jett and Phoenix.

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Sova's trademark bow can either fire a Shock Bolt – that is handy for getting a camping enemy out of a corner – or it can fire Recon Bolt, which can reveal enemy locations.

Cypher is a one-man surveillance network that can provide your team with an edge in combat at any given moment.

Brimstone's Sky Smokes are fantastic to smoke-off key lines-of-sight, concealing an enemy’s vision, but that’s about as good as Brimstone gets.

Viper can unleash poison clouds that blinds enemies or zones them into a deadly ambush, but it requires a lot of energy to do so.

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