This real-life Bloodborne Saw Cleaver is INCREDIBLE!

bloodborne promo shot including character, saw cleaver and projectile weapon

bloodborne promo shot including character, saw cleaver and projectile weapon

There is nothing quite like the creativity of a passionate fanbase and when it comes to Bloodborne, the community is never in short supply. One incredibly crafty fan has produced a Saw Cleaver from the game and the final result is stunning.

YarnhamWorkshop over on Instagram is behind this work and their skill is unquestionable. Having worked on other weapons from the game as well as statues and cosplays, it's plain to see why they're such a popular creator.

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We NEED one of these Bloodborne Saw Cleavers!

Bloodborne may be a game with a rabid community who are always on the lookout for what may be next with the series, but that shouldn't overshadow the incredible work coming out from its content creators.

Going by Imryll on Twitter, this Polish creator works off commissions and this Saw Cleaver is one of their most recent works of art. Even if you've only played just a few hours of Bloodborne, the chances are you know this weapon well or have seen it in promotional material for the game.

It's a level of detail you just wouldn't get from someone who wasn't passionate about the source material. They've even gone as far as to create blood gems and place them within the blade.

Based on a store listing for a similar piece of work, this would set you back around $450-$475 and it appears to be worth every dollar. While we're sure a full metal version of the weapon would be cool, this approach of 3D printing the parts is probably far more efficient and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference based on photos and the level of detail is just as insane.

If you would like to check out more work from YarnhamWorkshop, you can find all of their links HERE.

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