Super Nintendo World: The upcoming 'Life-size video game' Theme Park

Construction began on Super Nintendo World in June 2017, and the Nintendo-inspired theme park is planned to open in time for the 'Tokyo 2020' Olympic Games.

It is shaping up to be one of the most tech-infused theme parks in existence, featuring characters and memorabilia from all of Nintendo's flagship titles.

Continue reading for more news on Super Nintendo World, including all the details on the Mario Kart ride and interactive wrist bands.

Wrist bands

Super Nintendo World will be implementing Mario-themed wrist bands that sync up with a smartphone app to collect coins and track digital activities as you walk around.

We aren't sure what these coins will be used for, but our best guess is that there will be big prizes to win!

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All of this news is backed by Tokyo-based reporter Kurumi Mori, who attended a press event on Tuesday, detailing new elements of Super Nintendo World.

Check out her tweet below:

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1-UP: The bands will allow guests to collect digital coins and compete against other guests of the park

Allegedly the mobile app will also feature an overhead map for finding attractions and allows users to create a profile and unlock achievements.

Mario Kart ride

It has also been confirmed by the vice-chairman of Universal Parks and Resorts, Mark Woodbury, that there will be a major attraction based on Mario Kart!

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DUOS: Race against the opposition in your two-man vehicle

We really wish we had more information on the ride, but we're just going to have to be patient.

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That said, we've been promised a “complete immersive experience” and a "life-size, living video game" by representatives of Universal Studios, so it really is something worth getting excited about.

Osaka will see the first Super Nintendo Land, followed by other stateside Universal Parks in Hollywood, California and Orlando and Florida.

While we wait for more information, you have to see the Nintendo-themed music video from music artists Galantis and Charli XCX.

The pair collaborated to write the official Super Nintendo World theme song:

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