Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora Release Date: Next fighter revealed today

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released just a few years ago and is now one of the Nintendo Switch's most well-played games. With 11 challenger packs and tonnes of little bits of DLC, there's so much to keep old-school fans coming back.

Kingdom Hearts is another game loved by the old school. Harkening back to the strangest crossovers in gaming history, this blend of Disney and Final Fantasy was as charming as it was odd. That's why today's news is pretty incredible. Here's what you should know about the next fighter and what its release date is.

Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora Fighter Release Date

Sora officially releases in Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 18th worldwide. This leaves just a few weeks until you can play him for yourself. We'll update you closer to release with all the information we know.

He has been hinted for release for years and is one of the most demanded Smash Bros. characters in the history of the game.

For this reason, a lot of love has been put into his design with a handful of different skins, alongside an interesting new moveset.

How to Get Sora

Sora is available as part of challenger pack 11. You can get him alongside a new stage and new music but the price isn't confirmed just yet.

This is the final pack available for the game and will top off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This being said, we don't know where the game is going next. There's a chance we could see a new Super Smash Brothers game but we could also get something entirely new from Sakurai.

With a huge roster and an explosive multiplayer, we wouldn't be surprised if the next game is radically different. Sakurai has been working on Smash Bros. for a long time, maybe it's time for something new.

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