Silent Hill Transmission: Date, Time, Where to Watch & What to Expect

Silent Hill is back with a new transmission scheduled for this week.

Silent Hill is back with a new transmission scheduled for this week.

After years of nothing but scattered rumours and leaks, Konami could finally be giving us the return of Silent Hill that fans have craved for nearly a decade.

Being dormant in the years since the cancellation of the Hideo Kojima-led Silent Hills, the popular horror franchise has often been the subject of speculation online but now, finally, we have an upcoming look at its future nearly a decade later.

Here is everything we know about the Silent Hill Transmission.

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*LATEST* - Everything Revealed at Silent Hill Transmission

The Silent Hill Transmission has come and gone and with it arrived a large variety of titles announced with a mix of expected reveals and surprises that have the internet buzzing with speculation.

The first reveal was, of course, the remake of Silent Hill 2 developed by the "Layers of Fear" and "Blair Witch" creators Bloober Team. This new game looks like a promising and faithful recreation of the classic survival horror experience but with some twists to modernise it, much like the popular remake of Resident Evil 2.

Along with that, we got looks at Silent Hill Townfall by "Stories Untold" developer NoCode, a surprising but promising title that seems to divert from the usual Silent Hill formula.

Perhaps the most interesting of the announcements was a game(?) by the name of Silent Hill: Ascension which appears to be a live interactive experience where a chat controls the outcomes of a horror experience together. Made by Dead by Daylight's Behavior in collaboration with J.J. Abrhams' Bad Robot, think of this title as Twitch Plays Pokemon but for Silent Hill.

The final game announcement was a brand new title by the name of Silent Hill f and it appears to be the full game of the "Silent Hill: The Short Message" demo that we have heard so much about recently which was suspiciously absent.

Silent Hill 2 & More Revealed Ahead of Transmission

Silent Hill 2 is back and leaked ahead of the Silent Hill Transmission
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As we previously speculated, one of the projects set to be announced in tonight's Silent Hill Transmission is the classic title Silent Hill 2.

This was first teased when Art Director of the original Silent Hill trilogy Masahiro Ito retweeted the Transmission, suggesting that something related to one of the games would be featured.

As revealed by the YouTube tags on the Silent Hill Transmission Livestream page, Silent Hill 2 along with a variety of other titles will be shown tonight after years of waiting.

It isn't known whether this Silent Hill 2 game will be the original game getting released via PS Plus or the long-rumoured remake that is allegedly in the works. It could very well be both but the classic of the survival horror genre is returning tonight in some capacity.

Along with Silent Hill 2, a few other names were mentioned such as, "Silent Hill f Ascension", "Silent Hill: Ascension" and "Return to Silent Hill". It's unclear what these projects will be as of writing but it's exciting to see some names nonetheless.

Silent Hill Transmission Date & Time

Silent Hill Transmission is coming this week.
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The Silent Hill Transmission will be taking place on Wednesday, 19th October 2022 and will start at 14:00 PDT / 17:00 ET / 22:00 BST / 23:00 CEST.

As of writing, there is currently no information in regard to how long this transmission will be but if the amount of different Silent Hill projects rumoured to be in the works is to be believed, it could very well be a long video.

Where to Watch Silent Hill Transmission

The website where the Silent Hill transmission will take place.
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As was tweeted out by the official Silent Hill Twitter accounts, the transmissions will be broadcast through a website hosted by Konami. Following the link to the site will greet you with a gate where you will need to enter your region, language and date of birth before being taken to the page where the broadcast will presumably take place.

You will need to enable the cookies that the website asks you to enable to be given access to the stream so keep an eye out for the pop-up at the bottom of the page if you hope to catch the broadcast once it goes live.

What to Expect From The Silent Hill Transmission

Silent Hill The Short Message is expected to debut on Wednesday.
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While the official Silent Hill accounts have not hinted at any of the teased projects that fans can expect to see at the upcoming broadcast, we have some ideas based on the many rumours that have been a prominent feature of social media in recent years.

The first and most-likely project to appear is known as Silent Hill: The Short Message and is set to be a game or game demo. This project has already received a rating from The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, suggesting that it is not only coming but is in a complete enough state to be coming soon.

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