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Hideo Kojima's Overdose: Rumours, Reveal, Release Date & More

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Creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima is one of the most prolific names in gaming. Carrying with him a reputation akin to that of a mad scientist, whether or not you like his work, you've almost definitely heard or seen of it often enough.

It's been over two years since the release of Kojima's last game in Death Stranding, a title that, much like the man himself, divided the opinions of gamers between those that loved the title and those that really didn't.

Now, rumblings of a brand new title have started. Called "Overdose" the game isn't currently confirmed to exist but plenty of info is still coming out. Here is what we know so far.

LATEST - Kojima Announces He's Working with Xbox Game Studios on his next game.

Hideo Kojima announces he is working with Xbox.
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With the Xbox and Bethesda conference came a whole variety of news but perhaps the most exciting of all was the appearance of Hideo Kojima announcing a brand new game is being worked on alongside Xbox Game Studios.

This lines up with the rumours about Overdose, which was reported to be the title set up to be an Xbox console exclusive for the time being, much like Death Stranding was to PlayStation consoles.

Kojima Potentially Teases Overdose Reveal

Since we're now fully into this year's Not-E3 season of game reveals, speculation for what announcements we could see is beginning to ramp up. We've already seen big reveals like Resident Evil 4 but Kojima has seemingly begun to tease his own presence with a tweet.

While this tweet could easily mean nothing (it is Kojima, after all), the mention of West Coast Time is especially interesting, especially when considering how close we are to Summer Game Fest, an event which is usually hosted on the Western Coast of the United States by a friend of Kojima, Geoff Keighley.

Keighley and Kojima have collaborated many times now with events like Keighley's Game Awards hosting new trailers for games like Death Stranding and even had a cameo in the game himself.

So will Overdose be revealed by an in-person Hideo Kojima at Summer Game Fest? We'll have to tune into the showcase to find out.

What is Overdose?

Overdose is the alleged newest game to come from the mind of Hideo Kojima and his studio, Kojima Productions. The title is rumoured to be a horror title, something that Kojima has hinted at working on in the past since the cancellation of Silent Hills by Konami after its massively successful P.T. demo.

An image of Overdose developer Hideo Kojima stood next to the Kojima Productions mascot.
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In a report he wrote for Try Hard Guides, leaker Tom Henderson mentioned that he had potentially seen some footage of Overdose and that the game saw Death Stranding's Margaret Qualley in a blue dress walking through hallways with a flashlight before being jump scared and getting a game over.

Is Overdose an Xbox Exclusive?

As reported by reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb, it appears that Hideo Kojima has been in talks with Microsoft about publishing his next title. While it is unclear whether or not this means the rumoured Overdose or any Kojima title for that matter will be exclusive to Xbox, it could be a sign as to when we may learn more about the game.

What is Overdose's Release Date?

As of writing, Overdose has yet to be publicly revealed and has no release date or release window set in stone. Due to Kojima's often cryptic nature with his games, it's likely not to have an official release window for quite some time as the game is developed and teased, much like Death Stranding was.

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