Silent Hill 2 Remake Could be in development from Blooper Team

Silent Hill is gaming horror royalty at this point. With an engaging and thoughtful story and tonnes of spooky enemies, it's no wonder why it has managed to retain its fans over the last few decades. Spiking rumours that repeat practically every year, there are some seemingly credible leaks about the future of the franchise. Here's what we know about the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

As is the case with many of the rumours around Silent Hill right now, they come from reputable journalist Jeff Grubb. Being connected to the industry, he tends to place small hints towards bigger projects quite often and generally tends to be right. For this reason, the following news is something we can assure is at least being talked about in some capacity.

As the tweet above suggests, Blooper Team is apparently working on a Silent Hill 2 remake, with adjusted puzzles, endings and more. There isn't a guarantee this is real but, with games journalists being aware of it, it seems likely there is some truth there.

As well as all of this, it is currently being planned as a timed PlayStation console exclusive. Given Blooper Team's last game was a timed Xbox exclusive called The Medium, this is certainly an odd choice.

Could Silent Hill be a PlayStation Exclusive?

The Silent Hill 2 remake is apparently not the only game being worked on right now. There is a rumour that a new Silent Hill game is being developed, set in Britain. We reported on this last week and Konami has been taking down any of the leaks with DMCA strikes, suggesting it is, in some way, credible.

If the Silent Hill 2 remake is a timed console exclusive, it would make sense for the new Silent Hill to follow suit. This could be a very interesting generation for horror. If any news comes out of this situation, we will update you right here.

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