Is Silent Hill On The Way Back as Abandoned?

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Silent Hill is a franchise that has seen a horrible fate over recent years. After the cancellation of PT, the only time people have been able to play new Silent Hill games is with new Silent Hill Pachinko machines, a machine designed for gambling.

This has left fans ravenous for any little rumour into the return of the franchise. With Resident Evil coming back to great fanfare, could now be the time for Silent Hill's return.

UPDATED - Jason Schreier Interviews Hasan Kahraman

Just days after tweeting about how into the Silent Hill conspiracy he was, Jason Schreier bagged an interview with the illusive Hasan Kahraman.

In his tweet to the article, he suggests that he is now convinced Hasan is a real individual, but was left with more questions than answers.

We know Kojima has pulled this exact trick before for the promotion of The Phantom Pain. Would he dare try and pull the same trick twice?

We did, however, hear from Hasan himself as a tweet was posted with a video of the man himself explaining that he is a real person and has no affiliation to Kojima or Silent Hill.

It's yet to be seen if Abandoned will live up to the hype that surrounds its reveal this Friday, but you can't help but feel, regardless of what gets shown, people are set to be very disappointed.

Why Might We Get Silent Hill?

The research for this piece was done via Twitter, r/TheBlueBoxConspiracy and with help from IGN's piece on it.

Abandoned is a brand new IP coming exclusively to PS5 at some point in the future. Their very first Tweet was only made last month and was used to announced a new trailer would come on June 20th (this has been postponed to the 25th).

Immediately, a few things stand out. It's a horror game exclusive to PlayStation and will be using the PS5 itself to run the trailer, already quite similar to PT. it has a mysterious reveal and no one was aware of the company beforehand.

In a now-deleted tweet, Blue Box tweeted that Abandoned wasn't the name of the game and the game's first letter would be S and the latest letter would be L. This misled many fans into believing we would finally get Silent Hill.

This being said, that combo could be possibly anything. Here's a list of 961 words that it could be.

If it's more than one word, there are tens of thousands of combinations it could possibly be. Due to this confusion, Blue Box apologized and clarified this is absolutely not a Silent Hill game. Problem Solved

Or Is It?

This is the moment the fanbase went into full-on conspiracy theory mode. The game director is named Hasan Kahraman. Not only is this the same initials as Hideo Kojima but when you translate Hideo into Turkish, you get Kahraman.

This is a wild coincidence and it doesn't really make sense to aim for the Turkish language otherwise as Blue Box are based in the Netherlands and this is likely just an effect of the fact that languages spread and change over time.

Kahraman is a fairly common Turkish name and Kojima is still a fairly popular Japanese name. This is a fascinating occurrence but not all that unique. This being said, if the reveal shows the game is set in Turkey, maybe this would make a little more sense.

Set Your Expectations

Although trawling through conspiracies over on Reddit is fun, it's important to note that even the confirmed Silent Hills game (PT) was cancelled.

It's hard to believe an unknown studio working on a passion project would have acquired the rights to work on Silent Hill and tease it out over deleted tweets and half-baked jokes.

With these situations, it's always important to take a step back and wait it out sometimes. Though this could be a PR campaign leading up to some huge announcement, it could simply be a case of confirmation bias. It's hard to tell either way.

This being said, the official reveal is in a few days so, no matter if it is Silent Hill or not, all we can do now is wait.

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