Saints Row Release Date on PS5, Xbox Series X

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Getting its start in 2006, the story of the Saints Row franchise is one that could be best described as a fever dream. Starting as a fairly standard open-world sandbox following the rise of a gang, the series quickly became more comedic, with many pop-culture parodies before eventually coming to an end with your presidency in Saints Row IV.

Now, nearly a full decade later, Saints Row is back from the dead. A full series reboot was announced in 2021 and is set to take the series back to its roots with a focus on gang warfare over the "wacky" nature of Saints Row IV to the delight of many fans.

Here is when you can get your hands on the Saints Row reboot.

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What is The Release Date of Saints Row (2022)?

The Saints Row reboot is coming out in 2022
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The Saints Row reboot was initially set to release in February of 2022 but was eventually delayed due to the ongoing effects of the Covid of and working from home putting strain on the development process.

The new release date for the Saints Row reboot is Tuesday, 23rd August 2022 and will see the titles released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia and PC via the Epic Games Store.

For those not wanting to wait around for the 23rd, however, you can get a small taste of the Saints Row action you're craving right now by downloading the character creation tool known as the Boss Factory, right now. This tool is a tradition for the Saints Row series which prides itself on its character customisation. Here you can play around and experiment with the various options presented to you before making your perfect gang boss and setting yourself up for when the game fully releases.

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