Saints Row: How to Level Up

On your quest to conquer Santo Ileso as the leader of your very own gang in the 2022 reboot of Saints Row, there are many tasks you'll find yourself ticking off as you rise the ranks.

One of those tasks is taking your boss to the very max level in the game by building up their XP until they can hit level 20 and unlock everything Saints Row has to offer.

Here are some tips on how you can level up quickly.

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How to Level Up in Saints Row

How to level up in Saints Row
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Obviously, to level up in Saints Row you're going to need to get a whole lot of XP and there are multiple ways to do so as XP is as common as money when it comes to being rewarded.

With each level you increase, you'll unlock a brand new passive or active skill to use, all of which have fun little twists to the gameplay such as the ability to heal yourself easier.

The best way you'll find yourself making money is by completing story missions as you progress through the game as every main mission will reward the player with a sizeable amount of XP and some decent money to spend on what you like but there are more ways to quickly rack up the levels.

For those of you in the early game of Saints Row, completing discoveries should absolutely be a priority on your list. A great way to build up your funds, discoveries also provide decent and easy XP to give you that extra boost needed as you work your way through the story.

Finally, we have the side hustles which are scattered across the map. Fast travelling around the map and completing as many of them as you possibly can. The more side hustles you complete, the more XP and levels you'll find yourself getting so they shouldn't be ignored.

A nice side benefit to doing all of these quests is that you'll also find yourself making a fair amount of cash on the side, letting you do even more content across Santo Ileso as you establish your legacy with the Saints.

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