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Saints Row: How to Heal Yourself

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After years of waiting, the Saints Row series is back with a 2022 reboot that takes the series back to its roots for better and for worse.

Taking place in the fictional city of Santo Ileso, Saints Row once again sees you take on the role of the boss of The Saints and get into gang wars as you battle your way to the top.

When you're in those battles, however, it's inevitable that you'll take damage and need to heal but doing so isn't quite as easy as in prior games in the franchise. Here's how you do it.

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How to Heal Yourself in Saints Row

Here is how to heal yourself in Saints Row
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Keeping track of your health in a fight is obviously a vital part of any game but this is especially the case in Saints Row. Before you unlock increases to your maximum health, you will only have three segments of health to work off of which isn't a lot.

While you will heal automatically on your own, this only happens at specific times so while the AI enemies in Saints Row aren't that smart, they can easily become overwhelming as if one of your segments empties, it won't recharge naturally.

There are also no food items in the game to restore your health unlike in prior games, meaning that if you're running low on health, you're going to need to do something about it and fast.

So how can you heal during combat if there isn't any food?

Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Takedowns.

Use Takedowns to heal yourself in Saints Row
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A Takedown move is a melee attack that can be done by pressing the Y/Triangle button when a purple outline surrounds an enemy you are close to. Once it's over, your character will be healed.

Takedowns do have a cooldown, however, represented by a Saints symbol at the bottom of your screen when it's ready and you can increase the cooldown by killing enemies and damaging vehicles.

Later in the game, you can unlock further ways of healing yourself such as the skills of Tough Mother at level six which gives a health boost and Transfusion at level 11 which heals you while you damage enemies when activated, making it easier to control your health.

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