PUBG Global Championship 2022: Dates, Stages, Final & Prize Pool

As we approach the end of 2022, PUBG is preparing to wrap up its Esports calendar with this year's Global Championship set to put the best teams the battle royale has to offer through a gauntlet of battles to see who's on top.

Here is all the information you need to know about the upcoming tournament.

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PUBG Global Championship 2022 Dates

PUBG developers KRAFTON have announced that the PGC 2022 will be an in-person event that begins on Tuesday, 1st November 2022 and runs until Sunday, 20th November 2022.

The event will be a LAN tournament in the Dubai Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates. The event will be streamed across the official PUBG Twitch, Youtube & Facebook pages.

PGC 2022 Stages

A look at the PUBG Global Championship 2022 bracket, featuring 32 teams across six stages.
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This year's PUBG Global Championship event is a tournament of 32 teams competing across a set of six stages, starting with a group stage and ending with the Grand final. Below we have broken down each stage for you.

Group Stage (Nov 1st-6th)

Beginning the tournament is the Group Stage which will comprise all 32 teams split into group A and group B with 16 teams each. The top eight teams of each group will then move onto the Winners Bracket and the bottom eight will move onto the first Losers Bracket.

Winners Bracket (Nov 8th-9th)

Next, we have the Winners bracket, which will see the 16 top teams in the group stage battle it out over two days. In this round, the top eight teams will qualify for the Grand Final stage while the bottom seven teams will be added to the second Losers Bracket. The team that finishes last in this stage will be fully eliminated.

The PGC 2022 tournament has a lot different stages for teams to compete in.
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Losers Bracker Phase 1 (Nov 10th-11th)

The first of the Losers Bracket stages consists of the bottom 16 teams of the Group Stage. The top eight teams in this stage will move onto the Grand Survival stage automatically while the bottom seven will move onto the second Losers Bracket with the worst team being eliminated fully.

Losers Bracket Phase 2 (Nov 12th-13th

The second phase of the Losers Bracket will see the bottom eight teams from the Winners Bracket and Phase 1 of the Losers Bracket battle to see who qualifies for the final stages. The four best teams in this stage will qualify for the Grand Final stage with the remaining 12 moving onto the Grand Survival stage.

Grand Survival (Nov 14th)

The grand finale of the Losers Brackets and the last chance for teams to secure a place in the final to taste victory, the 16 teams that comprise this stage will battle it out, with only four teams getting the opportunity to make it to the Grand Final

Grand Final (Nov 17th-20th)

Once the Grand Survival Stage is done, the teams will get a small break before stepping back into the arena for the Grand Final. 20 matches will play out across four days, with the team atop the mountain at the end being crowned the winners and new champions of the PUBG Global Championship.

PCG 2022 Prize Pool

PUBG Global Championships 2022 has a massive prize pool.
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The PUBG Global Championships for 2022 is looking to be quite a massive contest with a lot of action taking place across its runtime so it's only fitting that such a large tournament would also come with a massive prize pool.

PGC 2022 will have a prize pool of $2,000,000 to be spread across the high-ranking positions within the tournament and while we don't know the exact prize for first place, it's a safe bet that it will be able to buy quite the fancy chicken dinner.

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