PUBG Developer's Next Project is Based On The Bird That Drinks Tears

PUBG developer Krafton has established itself as a name within the industry in recent years, moving into the world of game publishing along with its continued work as a studio.

Now, Krafton has announced a brand new game based on the popular Korean Fantasy novel series "The Bird That Drinks Tears" by Lee Yeongdo. While we don't know a whole lot right now, we do have some information about what to expect when it arrives. Here's what we know.

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New Trailer for The Bird That Drinks Tears Game.

The Bird That Drinks Tears has a gory reveal trailer.
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The game, which was announced via a very violent concept trailer, will follow the stories of the novels they are based on, with series protagonist Kafan Draka travelling around and hunting nagas, a mythical creature which is half human and half serpentine.

The series contains four volumes, each of which is set in a world inhabited by four major races, those being humans, Naga, Dokkaebi which are similar to goblins in nature and finally the Lekon who are giant bird-like creatures.

This game could also see the player encounter and face off with creatures like the series' plant-like dragons, huge flying fish, ridable beetles and giant alligator-sized Eagles, all of which would further establish this fantasy experience as something that western gamers have never really seen before. A promising and unique experience.

The game will be using Unreal Engine 5 if this concept trailer is anything to go by, with the designs of the characters and creatures based on art by Iain McCraig, best known for his work on projects with IPs such as Star Wars and Marvel.

Development for this project is now underway and while no release window or name has been given to this project just yet, it's one that we fully expect to see make its mark in the not-too-distant future.

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