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13 Feb 2020

Project xCloud: iOS preview starts TODAY - Microsoft partners with Samsung

Project xCloud: iOS preview starts TODAY - Microsoft
partners with Samsung

Cloud streaming services are becoming the hot new battleground for tech companies.

Microsoft's video game streaming service is now available, and it really could be the future of gaming.

Microsoft has always contested that video game streaming will not take over from consoles overnight, but their latest project is paving the way for other streaming services.

The current Project xCloud preview has now been expanded to include iOS devices.

Continue below as we delve into the details on how you can get access.

There is, however, a catch.

The Catch

It turns out that there’s only space for 10,000 testers, and they have to be from the UK, US, or Canada.

project x cloud ios

ABOVE THE CLOUDS: The cloud-streaming market is quickly becoming the new battleground for leading tech companies

It also only involves one game - Halo: The Master Chief Collection - and won’t support Xbox console streaming.

The news comes just one day after Microsoft announced a partnership with Samsung for game streaming.

Ultimately, this partnership will involve Samsung helping to promote the service and potentially even making specific devices for it.


If you’re already a Project xCloud preview member, you can update your details to include iOS.

In terms of hardware, you need an iOS device running 13.0 or higher and Bluetooth version 4.0, and a decent broadband connection.