Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Differences: Which version should you buy?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are now just one day away and there are still some unanswered questions. Here are the major differences between the two games.

Latest - Out Tomorrow

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are finally out worldwide tomorrow.

Just one more day until you can play them for yourself.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Release Date

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl finally launch worldwide on November 19th, mere weeks away.

This is only one of the major Pokemon releases over the next year, seeing Pokemon Arceus Legends arrive in just a few months.

Pokemon Differences

The main difference in these games are some of the Pokemon you can get ahold of. Here are the unique pokemon you will find in Brilliant Diamond:

  • Seel, the water type Pokemon
  • Dewgon, the water/ice type Pokemon
  • Scyther, the bug/flying type Pokemon
  • Scizor, the bug/steel type Pokemon
  • Kecleon, the normal type Pokemon
  • Larvitar, the rock/ground type Pokemon
  • Pupitar, the rock/ground type Pokemon
  • Tyranitar, the rock/ground type Pokemon
  • Poochyena, the dark type Pokemon
  • Mightyena, the dark type Pokemon
  • Aron, the steel/rock type Pokemon
  • Lairon, the steel/rock type Pokemon
  • Aggron, the steel/rock type Pokemon
  • Murkrow, the dark/flying type Pokemon
  • Honchkrow, the dark/flying type Pokemon
  • Cranidos, the rock type Pokemon
  • Rampardos, the rock type Pokemon
  • Stunky, the poison/dark type Pokemon
  • Skuntank, the poison/dark type Pokemon
  • Dialga, the steel/dragon legendary Pokemon

Here are all the unique Pokemon in Pokemon Shining Pearl

  • Slowpoke, the water/psychic type Pokemon
  • Slowbro, the water/psychic type Pokemon
  • Slowking, the water/psychic type Pokemon
  • Pinsir, the bug type Pokemon
  • Misdreavus, the ghost type Pokemon
  • Houndoor, the dark/fire type Pokemon
  • Houndoom, the dark/fire type Pokemon
  • Stantler, the normal type Pokemon
  • Spheal, the ice/water type Pokemon
  • Sealeo, the ice/water type Pokemon
  • Walrein, the ice/water type Pokemon
  • Bagon, the dragon type Pokemon
  • Shelgon, the dragon type Pokemon
  • Salamence, the dragon/flying type Pokemon
  • Shieldon, the rock/steel type Pokemon
  • Bastiodon, the rock/steel type Pokemon
  • Mismagius, the ghost type Pokemon
  • Glameow, the poison/dark type Pokemon
  • Purugly, the normal type Pokemon
  • Palkia, the water/dragon legendary Pokemon
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