How to heal and recover health in Outriders

People Can Fly's new title, Outriders, is brutally fun and we're here to talk about how you heal and recover health in-game. There aren't any Health Packs lying around on Enoch!

How To Heal

The only way to really heal yourself in Outriders is to get into a fight.

We know, we know. This is the last thing you wanted to hear when you're worried about being on your last slither of health. However, it is true.

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Pushing on while low on health might go against everything you've ever picked up while playing shooters, but this is the way Outriders is designed to be played so you'll need to start breaking habits quickly if you want to survive.

Outriders How To Heal Multiplayer Fire Combat
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FIGHT AND SURVIVE - Outriders is ruthless, but a lot of fun

The first third of your Outriders' health bar recovers after a short period of time, so you don't need to worry about taking a stray bullet or two. However, for the most part, the system is "deal damage gain health".

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However, there are certain ways to do this depending on which class you picked at the start.

Class-Specific Healing Traits

Each class in Outriders has a unique healing trait which means you only gain health from damaging and/or killing, certain enemies, in certain ways.

Below, we have them all listed for you to make things clear.

  • Devastator - Enemy kills at close range restore health
  • Trickster - Enemy kills at close range restore health and shield
  • Technomancer - All damage dealt returns partially as health
  • Pyromancer - Enemies marked by skills killed restore health

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It might seem a little annoying at first, but this should force you to play a little more into, or out of, your comfort zone and it makes Outriders a lot more of a strategic experience than you might first think.

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